Unpacking My Detroit – Part Two

Detroit, once the fifth largest city in ‘Merka, is home to some of the greatest architecture among ‘Merkin cities. It’s sad to see it today. The decline of Detroit began as innocent urban sprawl in the mid-to-late ’50s, when I was just a kid. This was followed by early White Flight acerbated by the 1967Read More

Today In History – April 29

There are two events of import on this day in history: President Richard Nixon released transcripts of the so-called Watergate Tapes; the Rodney King verdict was announced.and Los Angeles explodes in indignation. Video created by author from still photographs DATELINE 1972 – President Richard Nixon announced he would release transcripts of the secretly recorded conversationsRead More

It’s Duke Ellington Day in NYC!!!

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has declared today Duke Ellington Day, on what would have been the 110th birthday of the musical legend.  Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington died in 1974 at the age of 75, but his music will never die. According to UPI: To commemorate the musician’s life, The Islands of the BahamasRead More

Jon Stewart Does It Again – The Rupert Murdoch Edition

The writers at the Daily Show have a way of taking rather a complex story and boiling it down to its essence and humorous possibilities. This week I watched the hearings live on CSPAN2. I could have saved myself all those hours by just watching this: “Don’t shit on my chest and say it’s Vegemite.”Read More