Sick Joke of the Day

While perusing the Fox News facebook page to see if I liked any of the people it liked, I came across the following that still has me laughing out loud.   Unretouched photo captured by author while LOLing You’re welcome.

Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

This one’s almost too easy, folks. If this isn’t the most supremely hypocritical thing Johnny Dollar-Mark Koldys has ever said, you’ll have to prove it to me. Ain’t that rich? Proving that J$ is a fucking hypocrite is like shooting fish in a barrel. When I wrote “Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be ARead More

Unpacking My Detroit – Part Two

Detroit, once the fifth largest city in ‘Merka, is home to some of the greatest architecture among ‘Merkin cities. It’s sad to see it today. The decline of Detroit began as innocent urban sprawl in the mid-to-late ’50s, when I was just a kid. This was followed by early White Flight acerbated by the 1967Read More