Johnny Dollar ► Hypocrite ► UPDATED!

Mark Koldys: Hypocrite If you look up “hypocrite” in the dictionary, the name Mark Koldys (aka Johnny Dollar) and his picture pops up. Just to remind you: The former-Michigan prosecutor thought that invading my privacy — and exposing my alternative lifestyle on his blog — was a good thing to do. Yet, he has nowRead More

The Flying Monkey Squad Strikes Again & Again

Mark Koldys is the phat phucking psychopath on the far right I call them the Flying Monkey Squad, but they actually have actual names: Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, and Ashley Graham, aka Grayhammy.  [Sadly] I have been writing about these supreme creeps since the very first post on this blog called, appropriately enough, JohnnyRead More

The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

A thread from Johnny Dollar’s CABLE NEWS TRUTH sewer on my birthday The Flying Monkey Squad™ is at it again.  The Flying Monkey Squad™ has, once again, started with an observation and, working backwards, created another Bogus Conspiracy Theory™. Then Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys, allows the use of his sewer about CABLE NEWS TRUTHRead More

The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

The original Grumpy Cat, Mark Koldys A sincere h/t to my innertube buddy (who wishes to remain anonymous) who always feels the need to fill me in whenever the Flying Monkey Squad™ — Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham — gets to tweeting about me again.  I don’t see these gems on my Twitter feed becauseRead More