Gal Gadot’s Nationality Is Why ‘Wonder Woman’ Is Being Boycotted

The Not Now Silly Newsroom will occasionally republish stories that originated elsewhere. Gal Gadot’s Nationality Is Why ‘Wonder Woman’ Is Being Boycotted “Wonder Woman” and the film’s star, Gal Gadot, have been delivered a taste of the lasso of truth as they’ve entered into non-stop war leading up to the film’s box office debut. AfterRead More

Looking Ed Henry of Fox “News” In The Eye

The dumbing down of ‘Merka — followed by the election of Emperor Trump — could not have happened without the Fox “News” Channel’s mendacity, which I’ve been exposing for the last 8 years. That’s one of the reasons why I watch nearly 28 hours of Fox & Friends every week. It’s the table-setter for anRead More

Top Cat ► Saturday Morning Cartoons

Top Cat is one of the many cartoons produced by Hanna-Barbera, just like Tom & Jerry and The Flintstones, covered elsewhere in these pages. Top Cat launched a year after The Flintstones debuted and, just like it, Top Cat was not a Saturday morning cartoon. It was originally broadcast on ABC at 8:30PM Wednesdays, sandwichedRead More