Krazy Kat ► Saturday Morning Cartoons

A hundred years ago Krazy Kat was turning the battle between cartoon cats and cartoon mice on its head. Krazy Kat and Ignatz the mouse came from the fevered imagination of George Herriman and first appeared in the comic strip The Dingbat Family. And, you thought Archie Bunker invented the word? Krazy Kat jumped toRead More

Putting the Kill in Kilmeade ► Fox News Snark

It’s no secret I am an obsessive Fox & Friends viewer, even the inferior-in-every-way weekend edition. I watch it alternating between raucous laughter at just how stupid the average Fox “News” viewer is to buy that crap and sheer horror at just how stupid the average Fox “News” viewer is to buy that crap. NoRead More

Reprise Records Launched ► Monday Musical Appreciation

On this day in 1961 Frank Sinatra launched Reprise Records, the first record company owned by an artist. Sinatra started his recording career at Columbia Records, but eventually moved to Capitol. However, after 7 years Sinatra was dissatisfied with his latest contract negotiations with Capitol Records. The sticking point wasn’t money. Sinatra wanted to ownRead More

Bob Marley ► Monday Musical Appreciation

He was born Robert Nesta Marley in 1945. By the time of his 1981 death of melanoma, he was known worldwide as the Honourable Bob Marley, OM, and given a state funeral by the Jamaican government. Starting in relative obscurity in Trenchtown, Jamaica, with The Wailers, Marley’s career lasted less than 20 years. By theRead More