Top Cat ► Saturday Morning Cartoons

Top Cat is one of the many cartoons produced by Hanna-Barbera, just like Tom & Jerry and The Flintstones, covered elsewhere in these pages. Top Cat launched a year after The Flintstones debuted and, just like it, Top Cat was not a Saturday morning cartoon. It was originally broadcast on ABC at 8:30PM Wednesdays, sandwichedRead More

Krazy Kat ► Saturday Morning Cartoons

A hundred years ago Krazy Kat was turning the battle between cartoon cats and cartoon mice on its head. Krazy Kat and Ignatz the mouse came from the fevered imagination of George Herriman and first appeared in the comic strip The Dingbat Family. And, you thought Archie Bunker invented the word? Krazy Kat jumped toRead More

Subversive Cartoons ► Saturday Morning Cartoons

Not every cartoon is safe for Saturday morning kiddie shows.  Here’s a terrific documentary called Cartoons Kick Ass; A History of Subversive Animation. Ironically this doc is NSFW. It’s followed by one of my favourite subversive cartoons. Sadly Part 3 seems unembedable, but you can WATCH IT HERE. If you’ve liked anything you’ve read atRead More

The Flintstones ► Saturday Morning Cartoons

Strictly speaking the modern stone-age family was not a Saturday morning cartoon. The Flintstones has the distiction of being the very first cartoon to run in prime time. It last 6 years. It moved to Saturday mornings thereafter in constant syndication and reruns. Yet, The Flintstones was never intended for children, as the WikiWackyWoo reveals:  Read More