Richard Nixon’s Synchronicity In Death

On the day Richard Nixon died, 21 years ago today, I happened to be visiting the United States from my home in Canada. Coincidentally, I was wearing my blue jean jacket with my treasured Nixon pin on the collar. It was given to me by my dear friend Stephen, many decades ago, and I haveRead More

A Watergate Interlude ► The Saturday Night Massacre

Watergate complex DATELINE October 20, 1973 – President Richard Nixon fires Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox and Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelhaus resign rather than have to carry out the job. The press immediately dubbed this The Saturday Night Massacre. Archibald Cox Cox and Nixon seemed destined to come to loggerheads.Read More

Watergate ► The End of the End

Dateline August 8, 1974 – President Richard Milhous Nixon tenders his resignation, effective noon the following day, and becomes the first — and so far only — President of the United States to resign in disgrace. This was the culmination of events that began on June 17, 1972 when police arrested 5 men for BreakingRead More