Musical Premieres ► Throwback Thursday

Painting by Joseph Karl Stieler On this day in 1808 Ludwig van Beethoven premiered his most well-known composition. The first 8 notes of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony are immediately recognizable.  Not only did he premiere– and conduct — the Fifth, but this concert at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna goes down in history asRead More

Henry Morgan Stanley ► Throwback Thursday

“Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” was first spoken on this day in 1871 and repeated millions of times in the last 145 years. Henry Morgan Stanley, born John Rowlands, spoke those words to David Livingstone, who was thought to be lost in Africa while searching for the source of the Nile River during the great WhiteRead More

Hurricane Wilma ► Throwback Thursday

The path of Hurricane Wilma was one of the oddest. As Hurricane Matthew barrels towards Florida, let’s take a look back to Hurricane Wilma, my first and last hurricane. Hurricane Wilma smashed into the west coast of Florida — at Cape Romano, south of Naples — on October 24, 2005. However, Wilma had already beenRead More

The Zero Factor ► Throwback Thursday

William Henry Harrison (1773 – 1841) was the first president to run afoul of The Zero Factor. The Zero Factor is a spooky superstition which insisted that all Presidents elected in a year ending in zero — which happens every 20 years — will die in office. The Zero Factor was blamed for an uninterruptedRead More

Official Stamp of Approval ► Throwback Thursday

Further reading elsewhere: The First 5 African-Americans to be Featured on U.S. StampsAfrican-Americans on Stamps (to 2004)Black Heritage (1978-present) On this day in 1940 the United States Postal Service issued a stamp featuring Booker T. Washington, the first Black person to be so honoured on a U.S. stamp. Booker Taliaferro Washington was born into slaveryRead More