Pastor Ken Replies ► A Pastoral Letter

Pastor Ken Wilson of the Blue Ocean Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan, replies to What Is It All About?, my Pastoral Letter of last week. An Atheist without guile, indeed. Your Gilchrist memories triggered my own, for some reason, of a time I was in my parents attic–it must have been when they were moving outRead More

What Is It All About? ► A Pastoral Letter

Dear Pastor Kenny: Reconnecting after 45 years apart (and linking up on the facebookery) has been a blessing, if you don’t mind this Atheist appropriating a religious term. Watching your growing politicization since we renewed our friendship in November of 2014 has been a wonderment to behold. Certainly your walk in the desert began beforeRead More

Pastor Kenny Responds

Pastor Kenny. Pics stolen from his facebookery. A Response to Your Pastoral Letter (Or How One Pastoral Letter Begets Another, Begets Another, Begets Another) I’m a FB neophyte, so it took me quite a while to dig out your last pastoral letter once I had a little time to respond to it. I’ve not knownRead More