The Grand Avenue 2002 Vision Plan ► Unpacking Grand Avenue

This 1885 watercolour by Winslow Homer is called “A Garden in Nassau”. Ironically it was used 14 years ago for this Grand Avenue Vision Plan. Read more about it below. This is the start of an extensive series on Grand Avenue in Coconut Grove.  There is a humanitarian crisis currently happening on Grand Avenue.  YesterdayRead More

Where We’re At & Where We’re Going ► Unpacking the Writer

Pops and I soon after I moved to Florida 10 years ago. I opened this joint (originally called “Headly Westerfield’s Aunty Em Ericann Blog”) in April of 2012 to publish Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person. Then I had to decide what else to do with it. It has metamorphosedRead More