Is Ted Nugent Racist? ► Throwback Thursday

For this week’s Throwback Thursday I am — once again — reaching into my vast writing archives. In 2012 I was freelancing for Stones Detroit, a website out of…err…Detroit. This original article was commissioned by my editor. Is Ted Nugent A Racist? Our Stones Detroit Writer Says, “Yes” OPINION by Headly Westerfield — October 2012Read More

Pastor Kenny Responds

Pastor Kenny. Pics stolen from his facebookery. A Response to Your Pastoral Letter (Or How One Pastoral Letter Begets Another, Begets Another, Begets Another) I’m a FB neophyte, so it took me quite a while to dig out your last pastoral letter once I had a little time to respond to it. I’ve not knownRead More

50 Years Ago ► St. Augustine Beaches Integrated ► History Is Complicated

Florida Memory reminds us that it took blood and guts to integrate Florida beaches. On this day — June 25, 1964 — White segregationists attacked the participants of a “Wade-In” at St. Augustine, Florida: Demonstrators held several nonviolent “wade-ins” at segregated hotel pools and beaches. This film shows footage taken by the Florida Highway PatrolRead More