My Evening With First Lady Michelle Obama

My ticket. It was a thrill to get my ticket to see The First Lady Michelle Obama. One thing that was less than thrilling: To get the ticket I had to fill out a form on which I left my phone number blank. Before they’d give mer the ticket they insisted I give them myRead More

My First First Lady

My coveted ticket I managed to score a ticket to see First Lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday. I am on her mailing list and she wrote to me personally, along with thousands and thousands of others, that she was coming to town and would just love to see me. She gave three locations where herRead More

How Jamaica Conquered The World ► The Day I Met Bob Marley

The latest episode of the excellent podcast-documentary How Jamaica Conquered The World is now online. Episode Eleven is the second part of the story of Bob Marley: Recollections and Legacy. It includes an edited version of my “Meeting Bob Marley” story. The story takes place backstage at Convocation Hall, Toronto. Recollections and Legacy – BobRead More

Unpacking The Aunty Em Ericann Blog

Help keep Aunty Em in nail polish. Click on an advert. One of the cool things that Blogger gives a blogger like me is a bunch of stats. There’s not a lot of ways to view the information, but within the statistics can be found some real information. F’rinstance, since starting this blog, here areRead More