January 15, 2018

    Dear Pastor Kenny:

    Long time no write, but I thought of you a great deal yesterday and wanted to tell you all about it. For an Atheist like myself, it was certainly a very religious day.

    However, first let me share some amazingly weird news, so the following makes more sense. Last year I blurted out to Miami District 2 Commissioner Ken Russell, a gent I have come to know over the last few years, that I loved his life story and wanted to be the one who writes it. He didn’t laugh.

    We started kicking around a few ideas for a book — he shot down my original thought that we alternate chapters with “If you’re waiting for me to write something, you’ll be waiting forever.” — and finally came to an understanding: I’d write the whole damned thing. However, he agreed that it would be ...

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    Those who follow me on social media know I love to share the heat from the Crespogram Report.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: A while back I recused myself from commenting on Miami politics because I am currently writing the biography of Ken Russell, Commissioner in Miami’s District 2, now running for Congress in Miami’s District 27. Therefore, take whatever I write with however many grains of salt you need in order to make this post palatable.

    Let me first put a fine point on it: While Al Crespo is — hands down — the best of the Miami muckrakers, his post of this morning is a total misfire.

    What I have always loved about Crespo is how he backs up his accusations with facts and the official documents. ...

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    I was very proud to be a Lyft Driver, but I may not be one any more.

    When I decided earlier this year to become a Ride Share driver, I investigated both Lyft and Uber using Der Googalizer. While doing so I kept coming up with negative reports about Uber and nothing but positives about Lyft.

    Now, understand, I’m not talking about Yelp-style negativity. Every business gets shat upon eventually on Yelp. No. What I was finding could best be described as Corporate Evil. Don’t take my word for it. Please take a few minutes perusing the headlines in this search for a couple of pages. That’ll give you a good idea of what popped up in my search 7 months ago.

    However, I found nothing similar for Lyft.

    That’s when I asked myself, and probably out ...

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    I picked the wrong decade to stop writing Fox “News” Criticism. All my previous TRUTH about the FAKE NEWS CHANNEL can be found HERE and HERE.

    Hannity’s Advertisers Are Dropping Like Flies After Sean Defends Disgusting Roy Moore

    The other day Roy Moore was accused of having sex with underage girls. Not just one, but FOUR women stepped forward and stated that then-prosecuting attorney Roy Moore had sought out their company for the purpose of sexual relations. The youngest was 14 years old, while Moore had been 32 years old. As with all members…