The thing that impresses me the most about Lyft (aside from the earnings) is the technology.

    Lyft is an app for your phone, drivers and customers alike.

    As strange as it sounds, I’ve yet to see what the customer sees. However, I’m told they can track my movements on a map to see how close I may be. I’m hoping that function is not too accurate because I am often logged in from the Not Now Silly Newsroom (where I am sitting right now waiting for a fare).

    One of these days I’ll pretend to be a customer, just so I can see what Lyftees see.

    However, let’s look at the technology from the driver’s POV:

    When I log into Lyft a map of the local area pops up on my phone with an indicator centered on the ...

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    Born on this day in 1941: Ian Whitcomb, still performing to this very day.

    Ian Timothy Whitcomb was born in Woking, Surrey, England, to a family that already had show biz in its blood. His grandfather Jack founded British Screen Classics, an early entry in the motion picture business, which eventually bankrupt him. Before that, Ian’s father Pat worked there, and even co-starred in the 1929 flick, Mr. Nobody (not to be confused with the 2009 SciFi film), a movie that seems to be lost, without even an entry on the Internet Movie Data Base.

    His father also played piano, which is probably where Ian’s love of music came from. But, it was also a musical family. As the WikiWackyWoo tells us:

    Ian’s younger brother, Robin, accompanied him on drums in their first bands, notably The Ragtime Suwanee Six ...

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    Is Canada Really That Great?

    America’s neighbor to the North is celebrating 150 years of nationhood Saturday with a giant blowout party in its capital, Ottawa, including a “birthday present” appearance by U2’s Bono and the Edge. For Canadians, as well as liberal Americans threating to move north to avoid President Donald Trump’s policies, there are many reasons this weekend to…

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    First things first: An apology to my regular readers. I’ve not published nearly enough lately. Sorry.

    Yes, I’m still crafting my regular Friday Fox Follies for PoliticusUSA, a column of Fox “News” criticism I’ve been doing since October 2014. However, that’s the only freelancing I’m doing for other publications at the moment.

    The rest of my output, such as it is, has all been here and on mindless social media.

    Since the last time we’ve had one of these little talks, I’ve started a new series, UpLyfting Thoughts, which has been very well received. Maybe too well received. I created it for two 2 simple reasons: 1). Interesting things happen in the Grey Ghost and I wanted to share them with my readers; and 2). It was a stopgap measure. I knew would have less time to write. UT ...

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    Lyfting is great fun and a wonderful way to meet interesting people that I rarely encounter during my average day-to-day.

    However, it’s taken some time to get used to.

    Back in my disreputable past I once drove taxi in Toronto, while freelancing as a writer for various publications, which even included Taxi News (under the nom de plume Travis Bickel).

    Driving hack is very different experience. However, it took a while to change my taxi habits when I first started Lyfting 8 weeks ago. I behaved more like a taxi driver while still trying to find my rhythm.

    F’rinstance: I’d decide it was time for a Lyft Shift™, get in the car, and cruise — because that’s what taxi drivers do — what I did. Although some cabbies would sit on a cab stand and wait, I never did that. I’d cruise ...

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