I didn’t recognize the address of the homeless shelter right away, but I should have. I’ve actually picked up several other people there in the year I’ve been UberLyfting.

    It’s one of those oddities of modern life that some homeless people have both cellphones and UberLyft accounts. This wasn’t the first homeless person from this place I’ve transported. One went to his mother’s place way up in Boca Raton. Another just went to Dania Beach to spend the day with friends. Both were men and, I want to emphasize, neither were a problem.

    It was 6:05 in the morning when the order came in. There were several other people around because these folks are disgorged back onto the streets at 6AM, when the shelter closes. My fare had a woman’s name, which is no guarantee it would be a woman; some ...

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    UpLyfting Thoughts is now UberLyfting Thoughts and here’s the reason why:

    My last UpLyfting Thought (#8 in a series) was all the way back in November. I thought it might be my last one, which is why it was called “Last Lyfting Log?” I won’t repeat any of that, but here’s the next chapter:

    Three days after Lyft suspended me I signed up to Uber. 

    After 2 weeks, when I still had not heard back from Lyft, I sent an email early in the morning. Immediately, I received a reply which said I had been reinstated. It was dated 2 weeks earlier. It HAD to be triggered to be sent by my email because it arrived in my inbox in the blink of an eye, in less time than it would have taken to open ...

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    Hello again, Not Now Silly fans. Did you miss me? I missed you.

    When we last spoke with any regularity, I was in the process of mothballing the Not Now Silly Newsroom. For those who missed it. I put this blog on hiatus after I signed a non-disclosure agreement with Miami District 2 Commissioner Ken Russell.

    I had approached him, pitching the idea of a book. I believe Russell’s story is one of those quintessential ‘Merkin stories: Young family man wakes up to city-made environmental disaster right outside his front door, fights inadequate backroom city hall remediation, effects adequate clean-up, gets bitten by the civic improvement bug, runs for public office a year later, and is elected to replace the corrupt Miami Commissioner with whom he battled. Of course I would have fleshed it out a ...

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    January 15, 2018

    Dear Pastor Kenny:

    Long time no write, but I thought of you a great deal yesterday and wanted to tell you all about it. For an Atheist like myself, it was certainly a very religious day.

    However, first let me share some amazingly weird news, so the following makes more sense. Last year I blurted out to Miami District 2 Commissioner Ken Russell, a gent I have come to know over the last few years, that I loved his life story and wanted to be the one who writes it. He didn’t laugh.

    We started kicking around a few ideas for a book — he shot down my original thought that we alternate chapters with “If you’re waiting for me to write something, you’ll be waiting forever.” — and finally came to an understanding: I’d write the whole damned thing. However, he agreed that it would be ...

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    Those who follow me on social media know I love to share the heat from the Crespogram Report.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: A while back I recused myself from commenting on Miami politics because I am currently writing the biography of Ken Russell, Commissioner in Miami’s District 2, now running for Congress in Miami’s District 27. Therefore, take whatever I write with however many grains of salt you need in order to make this post palatable.

    Let me first put a fine point on it: While Al Crespo is — hands down — the best of the Miami muckrakers, his post of this morning is a total misfire.

    What I have always loved about Crespo is how he backs up his accusations with facts and the official documents. ...

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