Trolleygate Sputters Back To Life

As the first journalist to write about Trolleygate, I couldn’t help but chortle over yesterday’s Miami Herald story about the white elephant also known as the Trolley Folly: Why is this so funny? Let me count the ways: 1). WAREHOUSE?!?! 2). The Miami Herald covering something in West Grove? It only seem to do thatRead More

Interview With District 2’s Ken Russell

Ken Russell, potential Commissioner-elect for District 2 while the Veterans’ Day commemoration gathers to march I originally met potential Commissioner-elect Ken Russell way back when — during Soilgate — when I called out of the blue to interview him. We met at a local coffee shop just as it appeared his battle with [allegedly] corruptRead More

Another Charles Avenue Bad Neighbour Update

The empty residential lots are immediately behind the Charles Avenue Historic Marker. One of the things the folks who live along Charles Avenue were promised was the valet parking at The Monstrosity would not increase traffic on Charles, designated a Historic Roadway. Another thing the residents along Charles Avenue were promised is that the twoRead More

Is Trolleygate Headed For An Out-Of-Court Settlement?

Before the meeting of the Coconut Village Council got underway The February 25th Coconut Grove Village Council purred along nicely until the agenda item of Trolleygate. That’s when the wheels fell off the meeting’s diesel bus. Residents broke Robert’s Rules of Order to talk out-of-turn, denouncing the proposed settlement concerning the non-conforming diesel bus maintenanceRead More