Putting the Kill in Kilmeade ► Fox News Snark

It’s no secret I am an obsessive Fox & Friends viewer, even the inferior-in-every-way weekend edition. I watch it alternating between raucous laughter at just how stupid the average Fox “News” viewer is to buy that crap and sheer horror at just how stupid the average Fox “News” viewer is to buy that crap. NoRead More

Welcome to the NEW! IMPROVED! Not Now Silly Newsroom

It’s been a long time coming, folks. For months behind the scenes, the entire Not Now Silly Newsroom team has been toiling to build this brand new website from the ground up. After applying two coats of paint, we’ve removed all the tarps, and polished all the brass. It’s now ready for you. From hereRead More

Spreading the Fox “News” News

Logo used with permission, unlike the WebVee Guide fiasco The Not Now Silly Newsroom is all a’buzz and it’s been one big Bacchanalia all weekend. “Whyzzat?” you ask. Because our Head Writer, Headly Westerfield, has begun a brand new weekly Snark-0-Thon on the Fox “News” Channel for PoliticusUSA. Friday Fox Follies will appear each …Read More

Fox “News” Loses A Big One In Court

The Fox “News” slogan that thinking people laugh at It’s no secret to fans of the Not Now Silly Newsroom that our Head Writer, Headly Westerfield, has — to put it crudely — a hard-on for the Fox “News” Channel (and its crazy Fox “News” defenders) ever since he wrote for NewsHounds under the nomRead More

The Tee Vee Newsroom Race to the Bottom

The weeks of uncertainty and ultimate tragedy of Malaysian Airliner MH370 has — once again — brought into our homes the utter failure of ‘Merkin Tee Vee News. The ravenous viewing audience tuned in seeking answers. Because there were no answers, we were fed a non-stop diet of BS, speculation, and out-right crazy talk. EvenRead More

The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode 35

If Fox “News” isn’t anything, it isn’t subtle. Tracking which people, or memes, it gives voice to on a weekly basis is to witness its naked bias. The Fox “News” Spin Cycle has been designed from the bottom up to expose that Fox “News” bias, and have a little fun at the same time.  ToRead More

Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode 34

This week’s Fox “News” Spin Cycle is similar to last week‘s in that it’s dedicated to guns, guns, and more guns because that was virtually the only news this week that was deemed interesting enough for Fox “News”to report on. The steady drip, drip, drip on Fox in support of Gun Rights Nuts, unthinking Libertarians,Read More

The Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode 33

Guns, welfare, the fiscal cliff, Speaker John Boehner. These were just some of the topics Fox “News” was forced to WHITEwash as 2012 turned into 2013 before our very eyes. The transition between years seemed a good time to gather the Fox “News” Spin Cycle team and re-administer the FNSC oath. Those who refused wereRead More