Rapacious Developers Are Destroying A Historic Black Neighbourhood

In 2012 the city designated Charles Avenue, one of the oldest — if not the oldest — street in Miami, a Historic Roadway.  The Not Now Silly Newsroom has documented time and again how developers around Charles Avenue have done nothing but obliterate that history. The latest outrage is the most massive attempt at gentrification in WestRead More

Grapevine Accidentally Confirms My Suspicions

Those who follow Not Now Silly closely know how much fun I have kicking at Tom Falco, Grammarian at the Coconut Grove Grapevine. Yes, I am still contemplating a libel lawsuit against him for a scurrilous attack upon my character. Although, he deleted the comment thread immediately after I demanded an apology, he has stillRead More

Looking Ed Henry of Fox “News” In The Eye

The dumbing down of ‘Merka — followed by the election of Emperor Trump — could not have happened without the Fox “News” Channel’s mendacity, which I’ve been exposing for the last 8 years. That’s one of the reasons why I watch nearly 28 hours of Fox & Friends every week. It’s the table-setter for anRead More

How Will the Playhouse Redevelopment Hurt West Grove?

West Grove, the historic Black enclave nestled within Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida, is currently threatened on all sides by White gentrification. The latest challenge is the massive Coconut Grove Playhouse condo/restaurant/parking lot/theater redevelopment project threatening West Grove. The Playhouse is at the extreme east end of Charles Avenue. It was designated a Historic Roadway becauseRead More