Tiger Stadium ► Throwback Thursday

It was on this day 115 years ago the first pitch was thrown out at Detroit’s Tiger Stadium. The Tigers moved to Comerica Park, and played their last game at Tiger Stadium in September 1999. Ten years later, despite being designated a historic site by the state of Michigan, and listed on the National RegisterRead More

The Blaine Act ► Throwback Thursday

The United States is still an experiment in democracy that people are still trying to get right [See: Trump, Donald], and The Blaine Act corrected one of ‘Merka’s greatest mistakes: Prohibition. The Eighteenth Amendment, aka Prohibition, was in place from 1920 to 1933 and, among its many unintended consequences, included a scofflaw society and theRead More

Fantastic Felines ► Throwback Thursday

Yesterday’s successful adoption of Marley has me reminiscing about all the fantastic felines I’ve shared my life with. Over the years I’ve had cats named Bleeko and Echo, Bert Parks, Miss Silver, Smith and Wesson, and Castor. Here are some stories: Bleeko & Echo Bleeko & Echo were brother and sister, beautiful little calico kittensRead More