A Coconut Grove Grapevine Update

It was just a few days ago I took Tom Falco, of the Coconut Grove Grapevine, to task for his nutty conspiracy theories concerning me and Not Now Silly. I called the post Go Home, Coconut Grove Grapevine, You’re Drunk!

In that post I graciously offered Tom Falco the opportunity to retract his crazy accusations. He has yet to do so. I had planned to just leave it alone . . . until I found the following on his failure of a blog, posted just yesterday:

I’ve been drawn quite far into this debate about the waterfront plan. I’ve always taken great pride on debating the issues and not getting personal. I will try not to do that anymore, simply because I don’t like it.

I didn’t like it when Tom Falco got personal with me, either. Despite his having second thoughts, which prompted him to apologize to Ron Nelson, and his wife, I am still awaiting an apology for him for this:

I will not bow to threats by Headly and his crew. I don’t cover events that I am threatened to cover. That’t [sic] how they operate.

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As I explained to Tom Falco: I work alone. Not Now Silly has no crew. I have made no threats. I require an apology and retraction, just like Ron Nelson and his wife, because that’t how I operate.

However, Ron Nelson is Chief of Staff to allegedly corrupt Miami Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff and, therefore, might be important to Falco’s continued access. I’m just a guy with a blog, whom Tom Falco dismissed years ago as unimportant. I tried to bring him on-board to save the E.W.F. Stirrup House for the West Grove Community, not a rapacious developer. However, he dismissed me in emails I have yet to release. [Okay, that’s a threat.] Later I learned that the rapacious developer, through various companies and corporations, just happened to be among the Coconut Grove Grapevine’s advertisers. Imagine that.

Why Falco would jump into the waterfront controversy without any consideration of his bottom line is puzzling. Especially after he returned from his hiatus in January saying he was all done with politics. Opposing what could be the biggest real estate development Coconut Grove has seen in many years, can’t be good for his bottom line. Maybe Falco has found journalism.

A word of advice and something else that Tom Falco should take into consideration: Some of the people to whom he has been trash-talking me, are not the friends they pretend to be. That’s because they turn right around and tell me what Falco has said about me, almost gleefully I should add. What gets back to me sounds an awful lot like slander. Yet, Tom Falco has the audacity to falsely accuse me of libel? He libeled me when he accused me in print of working with some unnamed crew to threaten him because, of course, that’s how we operate.

Will Tom Falco do the right thing and apologize to me or will he continue to spread unfounded rumours about me?

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3 thoughts on “A Coconut Grove Grapevine Update

  1. He used your own tactic. He never said you threatened him. He said he will not bow to your threats. Subtle diff and you sure as he'll know it too.

    1. If Tom Falco won't bow to my threats, and those of my crew, that must mean we have issued some.

      Don't play games of semantics. That's how the Flying Money Squad operates. Surely, Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, you're better than that.

      With all my documents,
      Aunty Headly

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