A Message to Facebookers

Dear Facefolkers: 

Do you wander over to other people’s personal timelines to insult or take issue with what they post? If so, this post is for you.


When sitting on a person’s front porch, would you start calling them names? Would you tell them their opinions are wrong? Worse yet, would you refuse to offer any facts to bolster your side of the argument? Especially when you’re not even a friend to the person you’re attacking?

I’m really growing tired of people who show up on my personal wall with the sole purpose of shitting all over it.

Look: There are plenty of places on the facebookery where you can debate opinions to your heart’s content. That’s what they’re there for. However, that’s not what my wall is for.

My wall is for me and my friends to get together and shoot the breeze.

It’s like the neighbourhoods of old, when people would sit on their front porch and greet everybody who passed. The difference is we are all simultaneously sitting on our front porch and walking past all the other porches.

If you honestly and truly believed that Mr. Smith is a drooling fool, would you walk past his porch and yell, “I heard what you said to Mr. Jones and you’re nothing but an idiot”? Or would you just walk past?

When I see crap I don’t like on another person’s wall — sometimes it’s very good face-to-facefriends, sometimes it’s family, and sometimes it’s just facefriends I’ll never meet — I just keep on walking. What good comes from starting that kind of debate?

But, I really want to talk about a far more egregious form of this problem:

Attacking people who are not even your facefriends. You’ve seen what they posted ONLY because one of your facefriends liked it or shared it. So you wander over to that timeline to give the original poster a piece of your mind. This is akin to helicoptering over a neighbourhood you don’t even belong to and hectoring those people with a megawatt PA system.

Give your head a shake. Don’t be an asshole on my threads, and I won’t be an asshole back to you.

I’m ALWAYS willing to discuss things. But, if you start with an accusatory or defensive attack, I’m gonna BLOCK your ass. And, if you quote Fox “News” memes, I’m going to BLOCK your ass and make sure everybody laughs at you.

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Calling himself “A liberally progressive, sarcastically cynical, iconoclastic polymath,” Headly Westerfield has been a professional writer all his adult life.

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