And Still More Notes From The Road

• IRONY ALERT: I had to get something from the trunk of the car and needed to move the First Aid kit. I managed to slice my hand open on a sharp edge of plastic. It bled like a stuck pig. Good thing I had a First Aid kit.

• After I went through Dayton, Ohio I caught an earworm of Randy Newman’s tune that lasted for hours;

• The sweetest sound you’ll even hear is “I’m going to let you off with a warning.”

• Many signs warning that bridges ice up before the roadway, but I didn’t see any ice.

• Cigarette smoking in restaurants is still allowed in South Carolina.

I’m kipping for the night. I have about 8 hours driving ahead of me tomorrow.

Night, night.

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Calling himself “A liberally progressive, sarcastically cynical, iconoclastic polymath,” Headly Westerfield has been a professional writer all his adult life.

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