Another Magical Tee Vee Moment ► I’ve Got A Secret
Dateline June 19, 1952 – I’ve Got A Secret begins a 15 year run on tee vee. 

If it’s not obvious already, the pressure to post almost every day has me looking at the calendar for inspiration. There are many times I am surprised, like now when I realize I am just as old as I’ve Got A Secret. Certainly, I would have guessed before today, it is ancient. No, it’s just me that’s ancient because I remember watching this show for years and years. Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

Here are some magic moments from I’ve Got A Secret, some new to me, some not:

First and foremost:
We owe it all to this man, without whom none of this would have been possible:

An amazing eyewitness to history:

Groucho Marx takes over the show:

Harpo Marx with Johnny Carson on the panel

Soupy Sales, before he was well known. He had just
taken his local Detroit show to a national network.

The unluckiest drummer in the world:

There really was a Col Sanders and here he was before he was world famous:

Here’s a very young Johnny Carson, with his own secret [begins at 3:09 and follows with Part Two:

This is a special find:
I have always loved the comedian George Kirby.

Another comedian I always loved. Jack E. Leonard was,
in my mind, a much funnier insult comic than Don Rickles.

Many magical tee vee moments were brought to us on I’ve Got A Secret.

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