Bully Boy Bolling Believes Bullshit Baffles Brains

It was an epic battle this morning on Fox and Friends as Geraldo Rivera and Bully Boy Bolling battled it out over the tragedy in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

Let’s not forget — as Geraldo clearly has not — that on September 12th, Fox “News” was already politicizing the deaths in the Benghazi attack. However, it must be noted, Fox “News” was merely regurgitating Mendacious Mitt’s talking points from the night before. Mittens began politicizing this tragedy while it was still ongoing and before anyone knew there had even been deaths.

That’s why for the past 7 weeks Fox “News” had done little more than make up lies about what happened in Benghazi in order to smear President Obama. It’s been virtually non-stop. This past week Fox “News” barely took time out to report on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy because that would have taken precious time away from blaming President Obama for the Libyan attack.

This morning Geraldo Rivera appeared with those Foxy Friends on Fox and Friends and attempted to add some reasonableness to the Fox “News” invented hysteria. At first, it sounded like it would go well:

STEVE DOOCY: We’re gonna talk about the problems around here in the New York series — City — area with Geraldo who’s got some boat damage, ummm, in a moment, but first let’s talk a little bit about Libya.


DOOCY: So much more information out. New cables show that the militia charged with protecting the consulate, apparently, uhh, cables show they — it was likely infiltrated with Islamists. We couldn’t trust them. Also, apparently, the State Department declined to send this rapid response team, uhh, which has been sent in the past to help, uhh, on the Cole and investigations and stuff like that. They could have actually gotten in sooner than the FBI did — it took them 24 days. And, finally, we were telling folks yesterday about the emergency meeting they had just about 3 weeks before September 11th, Twenty Twelve, where the the consulate people said, “Hmmm, We really can’t protect ourselves. There are all of these training grounds here. We are screwed.”

GERALDO: That’s a mouthful and [measuring his words carefully] I just have to say that for us to be probing this 3 or 4 days before the election guarantees that reasonable prudence will not be exercised because of the —

DOOCY: But Geraldo, Fox “News” has been looking at this for over a month.

GERALDO: Okay. Let me — uhh, err — Please, I didn’t come to argue with you.

DOOCY: Okay.

Let’s stop right there for a moment and parse. Doocy sets Geraldo up with allegations, totally devoid of any facts, with 126 words. Geraldo gets out 39 words which, if you watch the video, he is carefully weighing and measuring so as to not offend and to be able to get his point across. However after 39 words, during which Geraldo never even gets to his point, Doocy’s heard enough. He interrupts with the most accurate thing he’s said in months, although it would have been more accurate for him to say that Fox “News” has been politicizing this tragedy for more than a month. Geraldo re-measures his words, and says he didn’t come to argue. It seems as if Bully Boy wasn’t listening. Let’s pick up where we left off.

GERALDO: Okay. Let me — uhh, err — please. I didn’t come to argue with you.

DOOCY: Okay.

GERALDO: I just wanna —

DOOCY: But it’s frustrating.

No more frustrating than it is to hear Fox “News” lie day after day to politicize the deaths of these brave people in Benghazi. At that point Rivera is actually given a couple of minutes to accurately lay out the timeline of events. However, at about the 4 minutes mark — and I’m surprised he got that far — Bully Boy Bolling boils over and finally explodes. That’s when the fireworks begin. While Bully Boy Bolling blusters, Geraldo tries to battle back. However, it devolves into a three and a half minute shoutfest in which Geraldo makes several good points, including:

That is an obscene lie. You are a politician looking to make a political point” and “You are misleading the American people because you want to make a political point.” Geraldo accurately called Bully Boy a liar several times. I’m surprised they didn’t come to blows.

You’ll just have to watch. The good stuff starts at 4:00 and they never did get to Geraldo’s boat:

As usual, Bully Boy Bolling shows no shame. He was so proud of his lies that he sent out the following afterwards:

Bully Boy Bolling truly hopes that bullshit baffles brains and he’s full of it.

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  1. By all accounts Geraldo was a decent boxer back in his salad days …too bad he didn't make a pizza out of that fat fascist freaks face like he once threatened to do to Olberman …..

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