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I’ve gotten things to mostly where I want them, though I’m still not completely satisfied but that’s unlikely to ever happen anyway.

Feel free to comment, make suggestions or boo.

I apologize for the time it has taken to get to this point.  Part of my issue is that I’m stubborn.  I’ll latch on to one thing and try to get it to bend to my wishes, but after a while I have to admit defeat and scrap it and move on to something else.  So I’ll spend the time but in the end have nothing to show for it except time wasted.  Of course, it’s a lesson learned for the next time that particular issue comes up.

Things to note (in order that I think of them)…

  • The pages, those selected from the menu, are to display the most recent post.  I had a plugin for this but did not like it.  As such, this is now coded as a function but still needs the css for proper formatting
  • There will be 2-3 ad placements.  In the top right beside the logo.  If someone can confirm this, it does not seem to display for me in Chrome except incognito.  Firefox works fine.  I’ve not tried IE.
  • Posts have been assigned to categories, but not all.  I’m not entirely sure where some posts should reside, some reside in more than one category.  I don’t recommend assigning more than 2 categories to a post as categories are used to determine which posts are “related” on the right hand sidebar.
  • During the import from blogger, it offered me only one opportunity to assign an author to a post, so all are assigned to Headley.  If posts should be reassigned let me know and we can change them.
  • The front page slider has, for some reason, decided to dick around with the images.  I don’t know why.  I’ll have a look or make use of support for this.
  • I get why people would choose to create their own theme package (I’m not there yet).  The theme I chose it closest to what I had originally envisioned.  Now that it has progressed, the site doesn’t make use of many of the things that the theme offers.  Unfortunately this results in a somewhat bloated code, though this shouldn’t make a huge impact except wherein that useless code is bad (not saying that it is).
  • Earlier I had the date and search box on the same line, but the search box was causing me grief with the post title, so I scrapped it (see above), redid it and placed it on the menu bar.  As such, the date/search line was removed.  If you feel the date should be there somewhere, let me know.
  • Images are still pulled from the blogger site.  It can stay this way, or we can re-point them to the same images that are on the wordpress site.  I’ve not found an easy way to do this outside of editing the post, editing the image and selecting the image on the wordpress site (it knows which image it is on the wordpress site, go figure).

Kelli.  If you see anything that can be improved, fixed, removed, evokes a WTF then have at it.  Let me know of the changes so I  A> don’t blow them up or B> can learn.