Celebrating Independence Day on Bizarro World

One of the most curious aspects of the Religious Right is its ability to turn around every controversy in order to play the victim. This despite being the dominating force of all public life for the last several millennia. The Phony War on Christmas has now morphed into the Phony War on Christians.

After the Supreme Court’s recent decision granting Marriage Equality to the LBGT communities, the Religious Right lost its collective mind. Several GOP candidates for president have denounced the Supreme Court, forgetting the Founding Fathers designed the government in such to provide the Checks and Balances needed for the Republic to survive.

Senator Ted Cruz called the decision “the darkest 24 hours in our nation’s history,” clearly topping such events as the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, the Civil War, and 9/11, to name just a few. For his part, Mike Huckleberry Hound says, if he were president (an absurd notion in the first place) he would use Executive Orders to roll back the Supreme Court ruling (an absurd notion in the second place). As PoliticusUSA quotes him:

America didn’t fight a revolution against the tyranny of one unelected monarch so we could surrender our religious liberty to the tyranny of five unelected lawyers. The Supreme Court is not the Supreme Being, and the Court can no more repeal the laws of nature and nature’s God on marriage than they can the laws of gravity.

Had the media not been following the shiny object called Donald J. Trump and his bigoted comments on Mexicans, we might have heard more about this GOP insanity.

However, the Religious Right have been taking notes from the GOP. They don’t like this Marriage Equality dealie. They don’t like this Marriage Equality dealie ONE BIT!!! That’s why these butt hurt Christians — whose churches pay no taxes, of course — have made a video portraying their victimization at the hands of people who believe love should triumph over hate. In Anti-gay marriage video by US pressure group CatholicVote plays victim card, by Damien Gayle (a spawn of Satan if I ever pigeonholed someone based on merely their name) wrote:

Over a soundtrack of soft ambient music, the first woman to speak says: “I am a little bit nervous about people, kind of, hearing that I am this way and then thinking, well, she’s not welcome here.”

“I have tried to change this before,” begins another woman, who is close to tears. “But it’s too important to me.”

“I believe marriage is between a man and a woman,” continues the first, her view repeated by the rest.

Some speakers emphasise [sic] that they have gay friends, and insist their position is based on their religious conviction rather than bigotry. “I have gay friends. I don’t fear them,” one young man says. But he goes on to suggest that, as gay marriage grows in acceptance, his conviction is beginning to attract the stigma once attached to gay men and lesbians.


And, as day follows night, naturally there is already a parody version:


If it were not so frightening, it would be highly amusing that Christians feel they are under attack. Equality is NOT a zero sum game. Giving equal rights to LGBT folk takes nothing away from churchgoers.

Only when, and if, the Religious Right truly understands that, can they celebrate a true Independence Day for all, including themselves.

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