Chow Mein and Bolling 10 ► Ignorant And Proud Of It
Unretouched pic of Bully Boy Bolling
taken by me directly from my tee vee

It’s not JUST that Bully Boy Bolling is an ignorant Bully Boy. It’s that he’s so proud of being an ignorant Bully Boy. 

What’s more: his ignorance is not just limited to the Fox “News” arguefest The Five, still the worst show in tee vee since My Mother, The Car. Bully Boy Bolling proudly displays his ignorance on social media all across the innertubes. His pride in his own ignorance extends to sending out links to articles that prove he’s an ignorant Bully Boy; articles that demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that he lies boldfaced on tee vee. Then he lies again in his messages which also display his proud ignorance.

Bully Boy Bolling’s latest ignorance comes in the shape of a message he proudly sent out this morning, which follows the ignorance he proudly spouted on The Five last night:

Let’s parse that, shall we? Liberals are not “jumping up and down.” Many people, including Bob Beckel on last night’s The Five, are sharing a picture of a man at a Mendacious Mitt rally proudly wearing an ignorantly RACIST t-shirt that says “PUT THE WHITE BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE.” Furthermore, Beckel’s outrage had nothing to do with the polls. People are simply appalled at a clearly racist t-shirt. Then, just to put the cap on it, he calls the writer at Mediaite, TC,
or Tommy Christopher, to the “left of Che Guevara” in order to
discredit him.

However, facts are facts, Bully Boy.
Tommy Christopher could be from Mars for all that it matters, but that wouldn’t change the fact
that he caught you in another lie for which you are proudly ignorant, which simply adds to the list of all your
previous proud ignorant lies.

Here’s the segment from The Five:

After Beckel referred to the racist t-shirt, as Christopher points out in his article

Bolling took that as his cue to add in his two cents. “Did you hear, over the weekend, the story about the kid on the West Coast who took the hammer to some Obama headquarters offices,” Bolling said, ”and it turns out he was a liberal, he’s a very progressive liberal, and the speculation is he was doing it to make Mitt Romney look bad?”

“I was making no connection to Romney,” Beckel protested.

“It’s like Munchausen Syndrome by political proxy,” giggled another Fiver.

What actually happened over the weekend, in Denver, Colorado, not the West Coast, was that a gunshot was fired into an Obama campaign field office while campaign volunteers and staff were inside. The shot shattered a plate glass window on the front of the building, but thankfully, no one was hurt. Police are reviewing surveillance footage, and have said they are looking for a “vehicle of interest.”

An incident similar to the one Bolling described did occur three years ago, and is a popular way for right-wingers to dismiss a pattern of violent opposition to the President.

So, Bully Boy Bolling is caught in a lie, which he was using to deflect his brain-dead audience of The Five, into ignoring the racist t-shirt. Then, when Christopher calls him on it in an article on Mediaite, Bully Boy actually tweets out the proof that he lied and disparages the writer by saying he’s to the “left of Che.”

Not content to leave it alone, and because he previously has proven he is a Bully Boy with a notorious thin-skinwho can dish it out, but cannot take it — Bolling comes back a few hours later with the following:

None of this explains Bully Boy Bolling’s lie, of course, nor does it explain why he won’t accept that someone wore a racist t-shirt. However, it does muddy the water sufficiently so his brain-dead followers will have no idea what’s going on. Which, naturally, is the whole point. Never tell the Fox “News” audience the truth. It would burst their bubble.

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