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Bully Boy Bolling strikes again. During “The Five” on Thursday Bolling opened his mouth and inserted his foot, which is standard operating procedure for the Bully Boy. It came in the middle of a discussion where 4 of the 5 were doing several victory laps over President Obama’s poor performance at the first debate. Suddenly, and without warning, Bully Boy went all Bully Boy on Juan Williams with a brand new conspiracy theory:

JUAN WILLIAMS: Let me ask you guys a question. Do you believe that what happened last night, even — I’m gonna say, “I’m wrong and you’re right.” —

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: Thank you, Finally!

JUAN WILLIAMS: — So do you believe that was a game-changer and now the election is all different? I don’t believe anybody changed their vote — [crosstalk]

BULLY BOY: He lost — [crosstalk]


BULLY BOY: Oh he got smoked, Juan, but here’s the thing — here’s the thing: You know — you know this. You’ve done campaigns before. For opposition research. Right? You have all this stuff in your back pocket ready to release — Mitt Romney. They had the tape — the 47% tape — they released it at the specific time. You know Chicago — the campaign is sittin’ there with all this research. “When are we gonna send some of this stuff out?” There’s going to be some Chicago-style, thug, gangster politics coming —


BULLY BOY: They’re going to release something — [crosstalk]

WILLIAMS: You’re nervous? You mean, you’re nervous? I thought this was a celebration for the right.

BULLLY BOY: They have to fix this. They have to fix this.

DANA PERINO: I think, I think by Monday morning we’re going to see some attacks on Mormonism.

WILLIAMS: Oh my God, you think —

PERINO: Absolutely.

WILLIAMS: — they’re gonna get dirty with this guy?

PERINO: Somebody’s going to. It won’t be the Obama campaign —


Keep in mind this latest whacked out Bully Boy Conspiracy Theory™ came only two days after The Drudge Report, The Daily Caller, Sean Hannity and Fox “News” tried to use a 5-year old video of Obama to stir up racial enmity among their brain dead audiences.

Later in the evening Bully Boy Bolling sent out the following. However, it’s impossible to know whether it referred to this conspiracy theory, or not:

Emotion we can all understand, Bully Boy. However, it can never be in “the best intentions for America” to accuse the President of the United States to be part of “Chicago-style, thug, gangster politics” without some actual proof. You should be ashamed of yourself . . . again. But you’ve already proven you have no shame and will race-bait this president who lives in the White Hizzy.

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