Does Fox “News” Support Johnny Dollar? ► The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day
Does Shep Smith of Fox “News” support Johnny Dollar’s tactics?

This isn’t a post about financial recompense. I did that one last month. We  already know that Fox “News” paid trolls and surrogates* to attack web sites critical of the fact-challenged network.

Not Now Silly highly suspects that Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, who runs Johnny Dollar’s Place, was a recipient of Fox “News” largess. Nothing else really explains his almost 10-year obsession with NewsHounds and anyone having anything to do with it. Nobody is THAT dedicated without being paid to be so, especially since Koldys has to twist truth into a pretzel to do so.

No, this question of “support” isn’t about money. This blog post asks the musical question, ‘Does Fox “News” support Johnny Dollar’s methods and tactics in outing my sex life in his never-ending quest to defend Fox “News” as one of its surrogates?’

During a recent Twitter rage Mark Koldys admits he posted
details about my sex life on his CABLE NEWS TRUTH blog. Then
he pretends that because he found it on the internet, it rose to the
level of being posted on his piece of shit CABLE NEWS TRUTH blog.

Now, I always get a kick out of Johnny Dollar’s sleight-of-hand on Twitter. When someone is critical of Fox “News,” Dollar/Koldys responds with some lame variation of “Oh, did the building say that?” As if this silly red herring negates the valid criticism in the first place. That’s just the lawyer in Mark Koldys, twisting words again. Can you believe he was once a Michigan prosecutor? Is it any wonder people hate lawyers?

So, believe me when I say that I am not asking whether the physical building supports Johnny Dollar’s methods and tactics. Despite what you may have heard, corporations are not people, my friends.

However, “some people say” corporations are peopled with people. “Some people say” that some of the people at Fox “News” actually have hearts and compassion. [The jury’s still out on Bully Boy Bolling.] That’s why I’m asking each and every person within Fox “News” to search deeply and ask themselves whether they support Johnny Dollar’s methods and tactics: posting information about my alternative lifestyle on his CABLE NEWS TRUTH blog because I wrote about Fox “News” for NewsHounds.

Hypocrite, thy name is Koldys.

A tweet from October 25, 2013, in which Johnny Dollar attacks @DylanByers
for tweeting details of Shep Smith’s alternative lifestyle personal info. So, what
does that make Mark Koldys for printing details about my alternative
lifestyle on his CABLE NEWS TRUTH blog? Because . . . journalism!

Imagine how you would feel, Greta Van Susteren, if you woke up to find details of your sex life posted on the innertubes, merely for a difference of opinion. Would Gretchen Carlson be pleased to see intimate details of her sex life splashed around the innertubes because people didn’t like her message?  I wonder how Shep Smith would like seeing details of his sex life as fodder for internet jokes because a someone didn’t like what he had to say. Oh! Wait!! That actually happened!!!

Yet the same MoFo — Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys — who felt my alternative lifestyle was perfect material for his CABLE NEWS TRUTH blog NOW believes that publishing personal details about someone’s sex life is … err … hitting below the belt.

Read a compendium of my NewsHounds columns, written under the nom de blog of Aunty Em Ericann, by clicking here.

So . . . When Greta Van Susteren or Shep Smith or any other Fox “News” personality supports Johnny Dollar with messages or Re-Tweets, they are, in reality, supporting Mark Koldys’ methods and tactics of outing people’s sex lives to destroy the messenger, simply because he couldn’t destroy the message.

There are no two ways to look at it. If you are supporting a hypocrite, you are a hypocrite yourself.

How else is Mark Koldys a hypocrite? I’m glad you asked.

When Johnny Dollar posted a picture of NewsHounds’ Ellen on his blog, and was called on it, he justified it by saying anything found on the internet is FAIR USE, therefore fair game. Every picture I have ever posted of Mark Koldys I have found on the internet. FAIR USE, therefore fair game, right? So, please, Koldys Kiddies Klub, aka The Flying Monkey Squad, spare me the faux outrage that I have invaded his precious privacy. Especially after he posted details about my alternative lifestyle. I hadn’t realized there were rules in the politics of personal destruction.

How else is Mark Koldys a hypocrite? I’m glad you asked.

When I posted a little movie montage comprised of photographs I found on the internet of Mark Koldys, he bleated to the officials of the YouTubery that I invaded his privacy, which threatened my account if I refused to take it down. That’s why I edited it to the following:

I just want to repeat that, because it would be funny if it wasn’t so fucking sick: He cites the law to justify his use of Ellen’s pic, but he uses the law to his advantage to complain to YouTube. That’s why he’s the Hypocrite Supreme. I ask again: Is it any wonder people hate lawyers? Especially weaselly lawyers like Mark Koldys?

Grumpy Cat, aka Mark Koldys,
with his family removed

How else is Mark Koldys a hypocrite? I’m glad you asked.

He bleats like a stuck pig while he’s making up lies about me for his twitter surrogates. F’rinstance, contrary to his oft-repeated whine of victimization, it’s simply not true that I have used these pictures found on the internet to mock Mark Koldys’ dead parents. I never mocked his dead parents. I mocked Mark Koldys, the spoiled, stupid, fat fuck who outed my alternative lifestyle.

Yes, Koldys, I’ve mocked you and exposed you for the slimy piece of shit you are, the same way you exposed my alternative lifestyle on your piece of shit CABLE NEWS TRUTH blog. So, stop pretending that your shit don’t stink. Thanks to Not Now Silly people can smell you coming a mile away, Koldys.

You started this trip into the sewer. I’m just happy to follow you there and keep kicking your ass up and down these cyber-corridors as long as it continues to amuse me to do so.

Oh, and while you’re at it, say HI! to your surrogate Grayhammy. I can always tell when I’ve hit my target: When your surrogate Ashley Graham starts shoveling the bullshit on your behalf.

So says my eternal victimizer. If anyone would know, it’s him.


David Folkenflik, who recently published his scathing biography Murdoch’s World: The Last of the Old Media Empires, was recently interviewed by Joe Strupp at Media Matters for America for the article “Murdoch Biographer Folkenflik On News Corp. Opposition, Family Dysfunction, and Fox News’ Role As GOP “Referee.” This excerpt jumped out at me:

MMfA: You describe how Fox PR staffers created an elaborate series of dummy accounts to fill the comments sections of critical blog posts with pro-Fox arguments. When was that going on? Do you know if it continues? What blogs were being monitored?

DF: My sense was that I believe that after the Tim Arango incident [in which someone leaked personal information about Arango shortly after he had been threatened by the network for his reporting], that Murdoch who had known Arango a bit as a reporter was embarrassed by it when he was told about it and consulted some of his top aides and he sort of said ‘let’s pull back a bit,’ Fox was not as publicly vituperative after that. Certainly if you look at how [New York Magazine’s] Gabe Sherman has been treated on the air and in blogs and other places it’s hard not to conclude that they are very wary of what he is going to write and that they’re willing to ramp up again, I’m not saying they are sock puppeting, but I know that they are aggressively tracking personal blogs and major sites and they try to see it all and they try to let reporters know that they see it all. At one point I was warned when I was inquiring about an interview request, I was told that they were watching my Tweets, well, good, they’re there to be watched, God bless, they are there for them as well. There is a notion that they are monitoring everything.

The way I am told it is done now is that it is through surrogates.

That excerpt prompted me to tweet, without any identification whatsoever, “Some people can defend themselves. Others need surrogates.” Perhaps indicative of a guilty conscious — or perhaps because I clearly hit my 2 cyber-bullies with one stone — Grayhammy IMMEDIATELY started accusing strangers who tweet of being my surrogate and under my mind control super-power:

The four people he lists thought he was an asshole, totally independent of anything I said, and felt the urgent need to pound a keyboard to tell him so. They sure didn’t need my prompting.
What does he do next? Lies again, of course. He connects me to comments made by people I don’t
know in order to try and smear me.

Let me repeat: I have no surrogates and no one is
under my mind control super-power. Furthermore, what others say has nothing to do with me. However, one does not need 6 degrees of separation to connect Grayhammy with Johnny Dollar and their comments to each other. They are BFFs forever!! 

Don’t believe me? Search the Twitter timeline of one and you’ll find RTs from the other, day after day, after day, after day. I supposed I should be flattered, but it’s stunning is how often it’s about me. What’s even more stunning is how many other people have also noticed the same thing:

Followed by . . .

Just for giggles . . .

. . . and then . . .

. . . and even . . .

But the message that sums up these several years of being cyber-bullied by Johnny Dollar and Grayhammy is this one:

At least Ashley Graham finally admits he analyzes every one of my electronic messages. He does this as a surrogate for Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar. Of course, Johnny Dollar acts as a surrogate for Fox “News.” To put it simply: Johnny Dollar outed my alternative lifestyle on his CABLE NEWS TRUTH blog because I said things he didn’t like about Fox “News.” 
Whether Fox “News” paid him to do so is hardly the issue. What kind of despicable person would do such a despicable thing, merely over ideological differences of opinion? What kind of person would support people who do this? This is what Fox “News” needs to ask itself, and I don’t mean the building.

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