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This book is lovingly dedicated to Stephen Myles Feldman, Jeffrey Deeks, Mark Levine, Craig Portman, Kenneth John Wilson, Dean Donaldson, and Peter DeWolfe and erin; who are among my oldest and dearest friends, even as time and distance separates us. However, I shouldn’t leave out people important to me from all my decades, people like Jim Cox, Scoot Irwin, Kathy Hahn, Joey Cee, Michael and Diane Keefe, Max Burns, Mary O’Shaunessey; Sheila and Cindy Rubin, Terry Seissor, Rise Leeds, Eric Gilks and Lois Flaum. Then there’s Martin W. Herzog, Courtland Shakespeare and Stuart Raven-Hill, Stuart and Helen Smith, David Stringer, Jacqueline Quinton, Mike and Suzie Andrew, and Charles Coke. Some of you I have recently rediscovered; some I am still hunting for. However, for reasons that you may, or may not know, you have always been important to me.
A very special shout out to the denizens of NHOT, who have kept me sane over the last number of years during my continued battle with the malevolent forces of The Flying Monkey Squad, namely Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham, aka Johnny Dollar and Grayhammy respectively, if not respectfully.

And, to Keg who designed all of the Farce au Pain logos.

And, most especially this book is dedicated to Justin Zac Anthony Slootsky, Zachary Orion Slootsky, Kendall Elizabeth Chandler Slootsky and Leslie Ann Chandler, who are not only my friends, but also my family. A rare combination. While I have let my side down, you never have.
And, finally, to Adrian Roland Thompson & Zachary Harvard Weed without whose help and direct and indirect encouragement none of this would have been necessary.

Thank you one and all.

© Copyright 2013 by Headly Westerfield

Farce au Pain

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