Fox “News” Spin Cycle ► Episode 27
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It’s been tough going lately for Fox “News.” No sooner had it lost the election for Mendacious Mitt, its whole Benghazi Conspiracy Theory started to fall apart. If that wasn’t bad enough, MSNBC started to smoke Fox in the ratings.

However, as the week began Fox “News” still thought it had the White House and the Nielson Ratings cornered. By week’s end, Senator John McCain was hilariously left twisting in the wind after repeating his Fox “News” created smears (he didn’t build that) of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. All he could do on the weekend talk shows was his best Jackie Gleason impression: “Humina humina humina.”

That’s why Fox “News” has to WHITEwash the record and why the Fox “News” Spin Cycle exists.

Morning Eric, but usually the Fox and Friends First cheesecake starts my week early Monday morning. What’s up with that?

Wretched Gretched must have a good agent because she had the whole Thanksgiving week off.

Here’s the lie Fox “News” was pushing when the week began.

Here’s a new lie Fox “News” tried to get away with early in the week, until it was revealed that this language has been included on this web site since 2007.

It would be more accurate to say: Senator smears Obama.

What does Fox “News” have against solar energy? If we were to spend 1/10th subsidizing solar as we do fossil fuel energy, we could solve the energy problem tomorrow.

Fox “News” keeps pushing the lie that the White House lied.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the Republican that Republicans love to hate. It doesn’t pay to get too close to this President.
Truthfully, Bully Boy? I was just thinking you’ve not given me much material for my Chow Mein and Bolling series lately.

Get used to it, Loofah Lad. Mendacious Mitt is going to be a punchline for the rest of your life, especially after all the Bain Capital lawsuits are finally settled.

Now that it appears to have worked, it will be that much harder for Fox “News” to invent smears against Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. But . . . not impossible.

Sensible people everywhere rejoice when Allen West finally agrees with what has been obvious since the election.

The Fox “News” Phony War on Christmas starts earlier every year.
You can always tell when criticism has stung The Falafel King. It’s when Loofah Lad has to attack someone who has attacked him. Who is the obtuse one?

Short story: Bob Beckel played the buffoon all over again. Long story: He chug-a-lugged a Twinkie milkshake and, seconds later, ran off camera as if he was about to puke. Love that Bob.

Does Miller think there’s a link? What’s the new Petraeus Twinkie Conspiracy?
Believe it, or not, this article was not written by Brad Stine.

Because we all know how “Fair and Balanced” they are.
Because we all know what a crack police officer he is.

Because we all know what a ideal soldier he is.

Because we all know what an honest broker she is.

Because we all know how intelligent College Grads are.

Let’s see. Who was President when this language was added to the government web site in 2007? Oh yeah, that LAST guy, who is never blamed by Fox “News” for anything, even though he’s to blame for pretty much everything.


Fox “News” seems very concerned about the Twinkie.

It’s the Wussification of ‘Merka. Be afraid! Be very afraid!!!

Fox “News” is still trying to sell the lie. Even though the person responsible has now stepped out and admitted it, Kraut the Hammer and Bill the Loofah Lad aren’t “buying it.”
Secretary of State who???

Secretary of State who???

Wouldn’t be nice if we could all trample a White House flower bed for our Thanksgiving card?

Wouldn’t be nice if we could all afford such a cornucopia of food for our Thanksgiving holiday?

Will you be serving cheesecake for Thanksgiving?

Yes, you are a balloon elf. OH! You mean the picture. Never mind.
Bully Boy Bolling should be thankful he still has a job, considering how many times he’s been wrong.

What’s different about Clayton Morris today? Did he get a haircut?
I am thankful Scammity is not compulsory viewing. At least not yet.

KKKarl Rove is another person lucky he still has a job after his disastrous predictions about the election.

I wonder if Father Jonathan found a way to smear President Obama in the process.
Last week Scammity was promoting books, this week he’s promoting documentaries.

Now the Fox “News” invented Conspiracy Theory really starts to fall apart.
Too! Many!! Jokes!!!

There were shootings and wild fights in the parking lots. Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!
Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Dennis Miller’s not green. Kermit the Frog is green.
Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!
Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!
The kind of joke comedians have made ever since there has been an income tax. However, now Fox “News” gets to use it to smear President Obama. See how that works?

Still promoting a new anti-Obama movie.
Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!! “BOLDER & FRESHER” is the name given to Loofah Lad’s live appearances with the never-funny Dennis Miller, not to be confused with the “BOLD & FRESH” tour, which was with the never-funny Glenn Beck.

Yoga pants?
Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!!

Viva la Unbridled Capitalism!!! Oh! Wait!!! Never mind.
Yoga pants? Again with the yoga pants? A day later and you’re still on about the yoga pants? Yeesh!
That doesn’t take too much these days. Just ask Glenn Beck.

I’m betting “Freedom” is the name of his dog.
I’m betting “Freedom” is also the name of his gun.
Here’s a picture of Freedom.

Mark Shields is no more a Liberal columnist than Bill “Loofah Lad” O’Reilly is a Christian Saint.

More on the Fox “News” Phony War on Christmas.
Wait!!! What???
If this lifts the veil on poverty in this country, this pastor is doing a good thing. If Fox “News” ignores this story a month from now, it’ll just be Fox “News” covering up poverty in this country . . .  as usual.

However, when Progressives from Occupy Wall Street are pummeled by over-zealous police, Fox “News” managed to ignore that, or make fun of the protestors. Conversely, if a Conservative anywhere is disrespected, Fox “News” jumps into action.

Fox “News” has been selling it’s bullshit since 1996, but it’s beginning to look as if its viewers realize they have been lied to all this time. The election really opened a lot of eyes. Fox “News” and its entire roster of pundits were not JUST wrong, but MONUMENTALLY wrong.

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of liars.

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