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Put on your hip-waders and strap some rockets to your back, it’s time to take another trip to Bizarro World. The Fox “News” Spin Cycle collates the nonsense from Fox “News” and spits it right back atcha, filled with snark!

We here at the Fox “News” Spin Cycle are still looking for that single facebook message, or tweet, in which President Obama is praised, not trashed. I won’t be holding my breath.

Geraldo and Bully Boy Bolling have had quite a few arguments on Fox “News”
lately. Remember, Geraldo, it’s all in good fun until he starts throwing chairs.

She’s about to throw a chair.

Consumer boycotts are only good when Bill O’Reilly recommends boycotting France.

Speaking of France. They have a lot of slackers in France, right?

It was such a good Talking Points Memo on France that Fox “News” sent it out too.

D’ya think Wretched Gretched is a Josh Turner fan?

KKKarl Rove passing along flawed polling numbers to deny what every
other poll said. However, not a word about his massive conflict of interest.

And, spending $$$ on people who are in the 47% is nuts. That’s how we balance the budget.

If anyone knows how to tap dance, it’s Brain Brian Kilmeade.

Would this technology shut up Lauara Ingraham? If so, I’d camp out an entire year.
You’d think that would be a good thing, but Fox “News” thinks buying an election is fun.

After Taxmageddon comes Snowmageddon, which means the Fox “News” phony War on Christmas is almost here.

Let my people pollute!!!

Freedom is not free. Music is the best. Wait!!! What???

Judge Nap sends out some of the looniest of the looney Reich Wing cartoons and saying. He’s like a fan boy that way.

The latest Fox “News” meme is how President Obama’s Cairo speech didn’t work. Let me
see if I can understand this: ‘Merka has fucked around in the Middle East for nearly a century,
but Obama’s speech didn’t solve the problem. Therefore, he must be impeached. Izzat about it?

Sure, that’s what we need here: MORE GUNS!!! In fact, when people are born
they should get a Gun Voucher. ♫ ♪ ♫ Bullets are a girl’s best friend . . . . ♪ ♫ ♪

Headly Westerfield asks (over and over again): How can KKKarl Rove claim to speak for anyone, other those with deep
pockets funding his two SuperPACs, which are spending as much as $300,000,000.00 to influence the 2012 election?

Ted Koppel thinks cable news sucks. He’s absolutely right.

Will it shut Laura Ingraham up? Lemmee at it.

Why is Fox “News” against a Constitutional Amendment striking down Citizens United?

Note there’s nothing about how the AARP resoundingly booed Lyin’ Ryan.

Because we all know that Scammity and The Newt have never distorted anything in their whole lives.

Remember when Ronald Reagan sent a cake to Teheran?

“QUICK!!! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

The gun walking program started before President Obama took office. However, Scammity
wants you forget that and also forget that AG Eric Holder was exonerated in the scandal.



It must be an election year.

I’d rather know how KKKarl Rove is handling the nearly
$300,000,000.00 from his two SuperPACs to influence this election.

Why the change, @alyatfox? Doesn’t matter, you’ll always be @alyatfox, until you’re no longer at Fox “News.”

Because the Romney secret recording was news and the old President Obama recording was not. It really IS that simple.

Would you be surprised to learn that Nancy Pelosi didn’t quite say that?

Worst. Congress. Ever!

This was while the NFL replacement Refs were still working and
before Bully Boy Bolling called the regular NFL Refs “union thugs.”

If Scammity knows anything about anything, it’s dirt.

♫ ♪ ♫ Bullets are a girl’s best friend . . . . ♪ ♫ ♪

Meeting with world leaders is over-rated.

See what I mean? Judge Nap sends out a ton of stupid shit.

Anti-Muslim advertising? Fox “News” is all over that.

Trying to creat doubts about the size of the crowds turning out for President Obama
because barely anybody is turning out to see Mendacious Mitt and Lyin’ Ryan.

If Scammity knows anything about anything, it’sa campaign of division and class warfare. He does it nightly.

Of course they asked him about the presidential race because he’s a political expert, doncha know?

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”
It’s always easy to find stupid people saying stupid things and then edit it all together. It’s the Fox “News” business model.

Loofah Lad seems to think that anyone who would vote for President Obama is “in a fog.”

Now it’s called Benghazi-gate? Oh, Geraldo, you’re such a Reich Wing tool.

Lance Reddick made a movie on education, so he was asked about the presidential election. Makes sense, right?

Which only balances out all the Fox “News” lies told about President Obama.

Once again, Brain Brian hobnobs with the celebrities.

CBS News.

Why is the fact that he’s a Black minister pertinent? And why is the fact
that the Black minister is making up shit about President Obama pertinent?

Until this moment I hadn’t realized that President Obama’s speech was the “Cairo Doctrine.” One speech was never
going to undo nearly a century of ‘Merkin fingers meddling in the Middle East pie, it doesn’t matter who is president.

It’s hard to know whether Mama Grizzly is still a Fox “News” personality. However,
her father and brother wrote a book called “Our Sarah” so that’s important, right?

“And, at no time will we ever ask KKKarl Rove about his MASSIVE conflict of interest.”

The Palin family is on more reality shows than the Kardashians. However,
the Kardashians are not on a fake “News” network, so it all balances out.

♫ ♪ ♫ Bullets are a girl’s best friend . . . . ♪ ♫ ♪

Does it seem strange to you that Judge Nap is sending this out over facebook?
What took them so long?

The headache is what’s in their head. They made it all up again.

Bully Boy Bolling is just itching for war. It doesn’t matter who its with. Hell, Mexico will do.

Picture of bin Laden? Check! Connection to Gitmo? Check! Not mentioning detainee was released by Dubya? Check!

Just spit-balling: Better health care system?

Judge Nap is in favour of the First Amendment. I’m in favour of taxing the churches.

According to sources at the U.N. Tony Blair is the one person who
could have prevented Dubya from declaring an illegal war in Iraq.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

Judge Nap seems to think that churches can involve themselves in electioneering
AND keep their tax exempt status all under the First Amendment.

To Judge Nap anti-Muslim propaganda is just another Free Speech issue.

The answer is implied in the 2nd half of the question. Good for Laura.

The real news here: Mendacious Mitt didn’t say anything profoundly stupid.

Free speech is not free; it’s tax exempt.

Mendacious Mitt should NOT be outsourcing ‘Merkin foreign policy to Bibi Netanyahu.
Most polls show that veterans are overwhelming for President Obama.

When will KKKarl Rove weigh in on his MASSIVE conflict of interest
in spending nearly $300,000,000.00 to influence the 2012 elections?

Bully Boy Bolling was for NFL “union thugs” Refs before he was against them.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama? Give us a few days. We will.”

Because we all know that KKKarl Rove controls everything, including those NFL union thug Refs.

Big government vs. small government? Freedom vs. tyranny? What’s a Libertarian to think? Judge Nap will tell them.

Suddenly the entire nation, or so it seemed, was supporting Unionism. Bring back the Refs!!!

Frank Luntz? Really? The man wears a dead badger on his head.

I’ll save you the time: He wants in at the debates.

At least he’s not sending them a Bible and a cake.

Because we all know how Fair and Balanced Newt can be.

Translation: She lived to dance another day. If she had lost, Mama Grizzly would have blamed the world.

First comes claims that she’s a fake Native American. Now sowing doubt that she’s even a lawyer.

No, not really.

More hobnobbing.

After all that President Obama bashing, here’s something to take your
mind off of it for a minute until we start the Obama bashing all over again.

What about all that Free Speech stuff you’ve been shoving at us over the churches?

It’s going to screw up this election worse than Florida in 2000, and we know how badly that turned out.

Translation: I know I can get both of them to trash President Obama.

Fox “News” covered it extensively. So did real news outlets. That’s the media.

How does that compare to the 47% of freeloaders?

The polls aren’t telling us exactly how Mendacious Mitt will lose.

Supporting Unionism and professionalism. What a concept!!!

This United Nations “global tax on the rich” is just a Reich Wing invention.

More of the “he’s not one of us” propaganda that Fox “News” loves to spread.

I’m not really sure what Judge Nap is advocating here. If you figure it out, email me. Then email him.

She never saves her best craziness for Fox “News.” After this interview she went on a
local station and said she worries for Mendacious Mitt’s mental health. Hoo boy!!!

The Reich Wing has vastly overreached in its War on Women, so we have to find a way to roll that back.

A Bully Boy Bolling action figure is not fun. It’s the scariest thing since Sarah Palin went Rogue.
Is Libertarian Judge Nap saying the President Obama should have intervened to support dictators and tyrants?

The Falafel King blames the voters for not having figured out that President Obama is destroying ‘Merka.

There is no truth to the rumour that Michelle Malkin taught Elvis how to sneer.

Only in Bizarro World is Mendacious Mitt ahead. That’s why the Reich Wing has had to promote the whole idea of skewed polls.

When Brain Brian Kilmeade is finished with trashing President Obama on Fox and Friends,
he revs up his radio show where he spends a few more hours trashing President Obama.

How many softball interviews will Fox “News” give Lyin’ Ryan? As many as it takes to get him elected.
Tell us some truth, KKKarl Rove: Just EXACTLY how much money are you spending to game the 2012 elections?

I just like the juxtaposition of Fox “News” and Rance Muhammitz.

Ainsley Earworm got married? Is that why she stopped sending out her morning cheesecake shots?

I’d rather see an early look at who is spending nearly $300,000,000.00 to game the 2012 elections.

Juan Williams promotes softball interview with Vice Presidential candidates.

Loved the ACME bomb.

More of those Fox “News” action verbs. Look at this one “mass hysteria.” Look up the
entomology of “hysterectomy.” Meanwhile, if The View had any fucking sense they would not
have invited that “harridan” on the show. Feel free to look up the entomology of that word too.

There was a lot said about the Libyan attack and NOTHING said
about the massive REPUBLICAN voter fraud scandal in Florida.

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”

“QUICK! How can we get him to blame it all on President Obama?”

Tee hee hee! Yes, Fox “News” actually “went there,” so to speak.
Oh, fer fuck’s sake!!!

And here are the comments from those who agree.

I like the sound of a 75% Super Rich Tax.

He needs to say that Fox “News” is the best station ever, even if Mendacious Mitt is lying again.

Mendacious Mitt is unlikeable, so Loofah Lad has to downplay likability.

We all missed the point you were making, Bully Boy, because it was stupid. But
if you say it enough times your brain dead audience will come to believe it.

The thin-skinned Bully Boy seems genuinely hurt by something Jon Stewart said, even tho’ it was true.

Any unsourced story that trashes President Obama is fair game. Gateway Pundit? Don’t make me laugh.

As I keep saying: With the largest cable news audience, Fox “News”
is the mainstream media. It’s time to stop playing the underdog.

No, Richard Nixon was forced out of office because he participated in a cover up of illegal activities.

They make it sound like it’s never happened before.

More hobnobbing.
Democracy is complicated.

Fox “News” loves attack ads when they attack Democrats. Otherwise this is the dirtiest election in history. Note
that nothing is being said about the reason Allen West had to leave the military just ahead of a court martial.

Translation: We’ve packed all the softballs.

That according to Rush “The Fat Fuck” Limbaugh, who will make up any lie to trash President Obama.

Did Fox “News” deceive its brain dead audience every day since going on the air?

See what I mean about Judge Nap sending out stupid crap? He’s
worse than your cousin who sends out all those cute cat pictures.

Again: Pretending like it’s never happened before. Therefore, Loofah Lad has to get in on the action.

“Man the torpedos!” “Remember the Maine!” “Where’s the beef?”

Applauding an attack advert by a Republican, yet Fox “News” continues to decry this as the dirtiest election ever.

More softballs that you can shake a bat at.

Jefferson had a lot to say about ‘Merka not being a Christian nation as well.

Judge Nap is quoting Bob Marley now? My favourite Bob Marley quote is, “If you are a big tree, we are a small axe.”

And that’s how the week ended, with a whimper and not a roar. With Judge Nap going from quoting a Founding Father to quoting my favourite Rastafarian. Maybe there’s hope for the Libertarian after all.

I would also like to remind my readers of my newest blog series Chow Mein and Bolling, because everyone likes to make fun of Bully Boy Bolling.



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