Happy Birthday ► Two Out Of Three Goons
L to R: Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe,
cup & saucer, Peter Sellers

September 8th was the birthday to both Harry Secombe, born in 1921, and Peter Sellers, born in 1925. Along with Spike Milligan, born April 16, 1918, these three comprised one of the greatest comedy teams ever. The Goon Show was a staple of BBC Radio for 9 years, from 1951 to 1960 and is considered the fount of all British comedy to follow, influencing, among many others, Monty Python.

One can’t really explain The Goon Show, it must really be heard. But first, a song. Feel free to sing-a-long:

And now, The Jet-Propelled Guided NAAFI in 3 parts:


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