Headlines Du Jour ► Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Headlines Du Jour, a new Not Now Silly feature

Welcome, Not Now Silly fans. You are now in on the ground floor of a brand new semi-regular series. Headlines Du Jour will highlight stories that you may have missed, stories you might not be aware, and stories you ignore at your peril. So, get out your hip waders and let’s take a look at some of the important news stories du jour:

► Online cyber-bullying continues to be a terrible problem
Regina mom says online bullying preceded daughter’s death
Mother of Savy Turcotte, 13, urges parents to keep an eye on children’s online activities

► Just some more of those Libertarian values they champion so much ◄
Ron Paul’s Campaign Manager Died
of Pneumonia, Penniless and Uninsured

► Who knew this crazy lady was still alive and still crazy? ◄
 Phyllis Schlafly: “It’s the Statue of Liberty,
not the Statue of Immigration”

The conservative activist reminds us all about the name of
a famous statue while also saying hateful things

► The Fox “News” Agit-Prop Du Jour because “Fair and Balanced”◄
Fox & Friends Hosts Tell GOP Not to
Delay Obamacare: ‘Why Bail Obama Out?’

► Fox “News” Graphic Screw-up Du Jour ◄
Dishonest Fox Chart Overstates Comparison Of
Welfare To Full-Time Work By 500 Percent

► Another exciting episode of Cops Gone Wild . . . ◄
Police investigate [Toronto] radio host’s arrest
Radio host John Downs took to the airwaves Monday night with
details of his January arrest while taking pictures. Downs was charged
with public intoxication but the charges were later dropped in court.

► Another chapter in the long-running Soap Opera that is Toronto’s mayor ◄
Toronto Catholic school board keeps
Rob Ford football documents secret

Board refuses to release documents related to its decision to fire Toronto’s
mayor as volunteer coach of the Don Bosco Eagles, arguing he was a “quasi”-employee.

► While Texas is totally backwards, apparently its judges are not ◄
Judge strikes down parts of Texas abortion law

Judge rules controversial Texas abortion law unconstitutional

► The obituary of a tradition-breaker ◄
►►► R.I.P. ◄◄◄
Ulysses Curtis opened doors in Toronto — and dashed through
First black Argonaut went on to be ‘great motivator’ as teacher.

► A Rock and Roll hero with a Rock and Roll heart ◄

►►► R.I.P. ◄◄◄
Lou Reed’s Politics

► Oh! Canada! ◄
Saint John teacher abuzz about Jeopardy! appearance
Maryanne Lewell fulfills dream of appearing on quiz show

► Movie Trailer Du Jour ◄
Bettie Page Reveals All

Headlines Du Jour will be a semi-regular feature at Not Now Silly. Updated through the day. Use our valuable bandwidth to post your news comments in today’s open thread.

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