How Jamaica Conquered The World ► An Update

Back on April 20 I wrote about my small part in “How Jamaica Conquered the World.” Every once in a while producer Roifield Brown sends out an email, telling me about the latest progress for this amazing FREE documentary. I’ve combined a few of them to bring you the latest in “How Jamaica Conquered the World” News:

It never rains good news but it pours good news. As of next week, How Jamaica will be promoted by iTunes as its podcast of the week in the UK.

Earlier Roifield sent along more iTunes progress:

Hello, just thought I should send you an email to keep you updated with the progress of the project “How Jamaica Conquered the World.” I’ve been working on the project for some 8 months now and in the last week we seem to have made some real and significant progress with getting the message of Jamaica’s influence throughout the world out there.

The series is now on iTunes and we are experiencing hundreds of downloads each day and we have been promoted by iTunes on the “new and noteworthy” section which is absolutely brilliant. What is important is that we get as many reviews on iTunes as possible, so at the end of this email are itunes links to HJCW so that you can subscribe, tell your friends and hopefully write review. On iTunes the shows are released weekly, with the new episode going up every Sunday evening. Currently there are 5 published.

As well as our success on iTunes where I’m now featured mix on As well as increasing downloads we had taken on board a PR company which will be getting us press and media exposure for the whole project.

This week was rounded off by a fruitful telephone conference with SABC, South African broadcasting Corporation who are interested in the rights to the project, so the film could well be starting in production in the next two months.

However, the email that excited me the most said:

Hello all, working on this podcast has made me realise that I have way too much material and a lot of good content is being left on the cutting room floor as I try to condense every topic into a 10 minute show. So to remedy this I will be creating a new podcast entitled the Reggae Monologues or the Dublogues. These will feature your interview in full with myself edited out but with a dub soundtrack. I feel that this will be great extra content for people that want to know more about your feelings and insight into the given topics being discussed.

It will be a few weeks before I put up the first episode on iTunes but I will alert you when your show is live.

The thought that I might become a part of a Dub soundtrack is one of the thrills of my life. Thank you, Roifield.

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