Is Johnny Dollar The World’s Biggest Hypocrite?
Both of the pictures above were removed from the Johnny
Dollar Depreciation Page because Mark Koldys cried a
river to facebook. Will he report my blog to Google next?

In the last few hours I have received 3 copyright infringement notifications from facebook concerning pictures of Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, on the Johnny Dollar Depreciation Page. 

IRONY ALERT: For the longest time (although it has now been removed) Johnny Dollar’s Sewer had a prominently placed picture of Ellen, of NewsHounds, posted on his excuse for a blog. Mark Koldys — who hides behind the nom de turd Johnny Dollar — defended posting Ellen’s pic by saying it was FAIR USE because the pic was found on facebook. Now how can Mark Koldys claim I have infringed on HIS copyright by posting pictures I found in public forums on the innertubes? Unless he’s the world’s biggest hypocrite.

I expect Mark Koldys to lie and say he was not the one to report me. However, if that were true it would constitute a crime. Who else would own the copyright to a picture of Mark Koldys in his teens? Only the owner of the copyright can claim an infringement.

Of course, facebook only removes pictures, and warns users, when someone reports an alleged infraction. facebook never
looks into whether there is any truth in the allegation. It just
removes the offending picture and the accused must appeal. Never forget that Mark Koldys is
a former Prosecuting Attorney. They know how to twist the law and

No matter. All J$, and Greyhammy, know are lies. F’rinstance: After my last post about them Greyhammy denied he had been tweeting about me. However, in his denial he called me the same exact name, and used the same insinuations, as he did when he denied was tweeting about me. He’s not just a liar, but he’s a dumb liar. Screen caps don’t lie, even he does.

Meanwhile, this is the most curious violation notification of the 3 I received from facebook:

How can promoting my own blog be a violation of Mark Koldys’ copyright? Hypocrisy all around tonight.

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