Johnny Dollar Threatens To Cyber-Rape Me All Over Again

And worse: He took my obvious ironic sarcasm as gratitude.

Johnny Dollar’s biggest problem now, as I see it, is I am no longer bound by any niceties and can now finally behave exactly like the sleazy lawyer Mark Koldys, lead singer of #MarkieKandtheSycophantFive has done since the day I started writing for NewsHounds. However, since I no longer write for NewsHounds Johnny Dollar needs a new excuse to cyber-rape me all over again.  I suspect it’s now become sport and he’s believes I am giving him permission to cyber-rape me by my ‘come hither’ looks and what I’m wearing.. “Aunty Em was asking for it!” As predicted earlier today on Twitter he will cyber-rape me all over again and blame me for it.  Look at that comment above.  He’s already laying the groundwork, if you’ll pardon the expression.

A reminder: Johnny Dollar defends Fox News and was once, I suspect, a very sleazy lawyer.  What more do you need to know?

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17 thoughts on “Johnny Dollar Threatens To Cyber-Rape Me All Over Again

  1. I look forward to reading your incredibly funny and insightful thoughts……in a new place.
    I'm still not doing the twitter thing.


  2. $ is a piece of human sewage. As I said when he dies I hope he has a real fondness for intense heat. That goes for Graypanssy, Blackped, cuntcelia and the rest of those losers.

  3. I so look forward to reading your blog. As for Johnny Shitstained underwear, and his group of inbred trolls, The Hermaphrodite Stalker, Blackdung, Crapcelia, The Obessed Chimeri, David Smallbrain and Hagzilla they can just swallow the little pride they have when Obama is re-elected. And as for you Grayhammy, you done the same shit to Aunty and you did to me, posting my personal info for the world to see, does you're wife the Dr approve of the actions you take. You once said you admired Jeffy Bovine, and even supported him when he wanted to see Obama hang from a tree. I am sure that someday you and Jeffy will hook up so he can "fluff" you…

    1. You mean this isn't the first time that GrayHammy has tried to ruin someone's life? Why am I not surprised?

      I bet it's not the first time that Johnny Dollar has ruined someone's life. For people like this, it's a hobby.

      I never paid much attention to what was going on before because I was focused on watching NewsHounds and writing about it. Now I am focused like a laser on the psychopath named Mark Koldys and his current and past tactics. However, that's why his justification of *"NewsHounds did this, so I am justified in outing Headly Westerfield's sex life"* which is why all of Johnny Dollar's accusations seemed so crazy to me. I knew nothing about them and really still don't. All I know is what has been done to me. I was cuber-raped by Johnny Dollar.

      Please tell me more.

    2. Headly, My issues with The Dump started about this time 4 years ago when Fox News was calling Obama a Muslim. I stumbled across the site by accident. New to blogging I just posted my real name (a big DUH) for me. Within 6 month Fudgepacking Hammy was posting my info on reddit and facebook. He said I made a "death threat" to him. When he got personal about my wife and started using my kids pictures(along with Fox Fan)in there posting at Dollars I went ballistic. I emailed Johnny and told him to stop, which of course he did not. That was when the kept pushing my button and even sending facebook post to my friends. That was when I told Ashley if you think you are so tough come to (where I live) so I can show you what getting a mudhole stomped in you feels like. That was when he stopped. From time to time he would make posts about me or my family, but since I am banned at the Dump, I would find other places he post and confront him. Which of course he would play the you started it game.
      What you need to realize is that he had no morals, no conscience and not a care who he hurts. He is one of my Sockpuppets that I have proven, Unicon, Yes Im Right, Olby Sucks (which he shares with Jeffy) and now Gayhammy. You keep hammering them, you have lots more friends that Dollar has followers…I will stand right along with you..

    3. Grayhammy is Olby Sucks? Jesus,two vile excuses for a human being in one. You are right: he has no morals, no conscience and not a care about who he hurts. He is, in other words, a genuine psychopath.

      I think I know his real name, location and other information but I need to verify it, with a view to a possible legal action. If you have any information about his real identity please do NOT reveal it here on Headly's blog but dm me on Twitter @NewsHoundAlex PLEASE!

  4. I would like to make some suggestions if I may. Be very careful about comments here — as I see you already have been.

    There are ppl from the old days on NHOT who went wayyyy overboard to the point that I wonder if they were ringers. They could turn up here too. Dollar and other RWNJs will screen cap and use anything and everything against you, as they've done with NH. You know yourself – they are attempting to blame you for NHOT stuff that happened when you had no presence there at all.

    With that in mind I appeal to everyone not to give Mark Koldys ammo to use against our beloved Aunty. We can express our distaste and scorn for Mark Koldys and Kraphouse Gang without stooping to being outright vile – no matter how vile they are – Dollar, Grayhammy and Blackflon in particular.

    Just a few thoughts from Alex.

    1. Your thoughts are always welcome, Alex. If you ever feel the need to say something not Fox "News" related and need an outlet, I would be honoured if you would consider this blog.

      With all my love and respect,
      Headly Westerfield

      P.S. I still think it's funny that we have worked together for how many years now and the first time we ever spoke to each other or exchanged email was this week. Something else #MarkieKandtheSycophantFive will never believe.

      Oh…and Mark Koldys!!!

  5. I'm posting as anonymous because my stupid computer won't recognize my google account. Hang in there. We love ya!

    David Pavlak

  6. This is kind of funny, if you forget how I was cyber-raped by Mark Koldys. [Please keep using his name.] Think about what's happening here: People who they have either accused of having been in collaboration with each other, OR in the alternative, of actually being each other, have gotten together to compare notes. Eventually we may find who actually threw the 1st punch. Meanwhile, unleashed from NewsHounds I can fight these bullies the way they deserve to be fought: Until they cry "Aunty!"

  7. Hey there, just found your blog:)Keep up the good work and show Koldy and all the other wankers that we are not afraid.

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