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Maybe it was the after effects of Hurricane Sandy, maybe it was sheer laziness on Judge Nap’s part, or maybe I was away from my computer more this week (which seems pretty unlikely). However, Judge Nap really seemed to slack off this week, only sending out some 40 updates, when last week I had 153 to choose from. 

Regardless the reason, it doesn’t mean that the Laughing Judge neglected any of his favourite topics. They were all there, from drones, to Ludwig von Mises, to legalization of marijuana, the to government being the enemy. Let’s deconstruct, shall we?

If it’s secretive, how is it that you know all about it?

It’s not unconstitutional until a court has adjudicated it so. Or did you forget that lesson, Judge?

Rep. King, who I rarely agree with, seems to disagree with Judge Nap’s assessment of this. I put my money on Rep. King.

But Rep. King and Congress says they’re legal. I put my money on Rep. King and Congress.

Patent #6630507 is for medicinal forms of marijuana. I’d love to see Judge Nap be honest with the brain-dead Fox “News” audience and admit on the air that he is for the legalization of drugs for recreational purposes. Their heads would explode.

Only an idiot would deny that there is no economic benefit to people having to rebuild and replace all their household goods. It may not be politically correct to say, but it’s true.

Just covering up for Mendacious Mitt’s idiocy during the GOP primary debate.


I think it’s disgusting how Charles Woods’ grief is being used by Fox “News” to attack President Obama. I’m not the only one who thinks so. Your colleague Geraldo Rivera agrees with me. I think it’s disgusting that you are so willing to jump on that bandwagon, Judge Nap.

Who cares?

A defense of price gouging, which says, essentially, that market forces of supply and demand should rule.

Then why isn’t Ron Paul the Republican nominee, as opposed to Mendacious Mitt, who has traded with China and even shipped jobs to China?

Next question.

Would you be surprised to learn that Judge Nap would find it helped Mendacious Mitt?



This narrative was falling apart by week’s end, but facebook turned it into a controversy.

This is a total misreading of what’s going on. Homeland Security is simply making it easier for local LEOs to bring forward concerns. It does not give local police departments any additional power, but Judge Nap wants people to think so, even though he knows better.

facebook censored that image above, and then reversed itself and put it back. Fox “News” tried to turn this into a censorship issue which ONLY affected the Right Wing. Tell that to all the nursing mothers who have had pictures removed from facebook. While Jude Nap correctly said facebook, as a private company, can do what it likes, the truth of the matter is that facebook only responds to complaints. Often it takes action before thinking it through properly. You can also find many Left Wing organizations who have had their images, and words, removed by facebook, but Fox “News” will NEVER tell you about that.

Another case of Eminent Domain gone awry.

Regardless of the fact that Judge Nap said facebook is a private entity and can do what it likes, he still played along with Fox “News” and called it censorship and made a big deal out of the fact that some poor, FALSE Right Wing meme was removed, and then restored. It happens to people on the other side of the political spectrum all the time, but Fox “News” will never tell you that.

Remember The Golden Rule: He who has the gold, makes the rules.

What’s your point?

Then Judge Nap’s an idiot. It restored the pic and apologized, but that’s not good enough for Judge Nap, who still refuses to accept it happens all the time on facebook, to people on all sides of the political spectrum.

Lookit, Judge. Groups of people have reported facebook pages that were full of racial remarks against Muslims and others that were filled with hateful messages against the LGBT communities. facebook, in its infinite wisdom, replied that it didn’t find anything wrong with the pages being reported. Everyone who has ever dealt with these facebook issues understands that somebody — with little experience in these matters — makes a snap judgement call when something has been reported. Not all of these decisions are going to be right. But, Judge Nap is going to make a federal issue out of one FALSE Right Wing meme being removed from facebook. Get with the program, Judge. Or, at the very least, be honest and admit it happens to both sides.

YIKES!!! Now that’s scary!!!

Arrested for what? These nothing illegal in this and when it happened during Dubya’s Administration there was nary a peep.

TRANSLATION: Gouging is good.

A phony story taht Judge Nap felt the need to pass along because it smeared Obamacare.

There is no evidence whatsoever that drones have been deployed within our borders.

Why don’t you ever pass along the jokeds made about Mendacious Mitt?

He’s right, yannow.

Are you advocating for legalization, Judge? Will you ever say that on Fox “News”?

I thought so too. It might actually make some people think twice about voting for Mendacious Mitt.

C’mon, Judge. Come right out and tell us how you really feel.

I keep hoping that one of these days Judge Nap will be honest and do what Geraldo Rivera did this morning: Call out Fox “News” for its lies. Do you think he has enough guts for that?

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