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Unretouched photo of Judge Nap taken from author’s tee vee

Maybe Judge Nap was still licking his wounds after Tuesday’s election, in which Mendacious Mitt had his ass handed to him.

Or maybe it was simply because Judge Judy still won’t return his tweets. [It’s a long, complicated story. Sunday night The Judge and I were killing time and a bottle of tequila when he got a crazy idea and took out his smartphone. I warned him not to send Judge Judy that! Have you ever tried to tell The Judge what to do when he gets a snoot-full?]

Whatever the cause, Judge “Andy” Napolitano, the Fox “News” Senior Judicial Libertarian, barely sent out anything out this week, especially when compared to his high of 2 weeks ago. It’s the second week in a row that Judge Not  (soon to be a major motion picture starring Matt Damon or Steve Carell. I always get those two confused.) showed a marked decline. Since I had only 41 messages to choose from, as you can imagine, I had to use the good and the bad, starting with a Libertarian cause very close to The Judge’s heart:

Most people do not realize that Judge Nap runs a string of Animal Mills across the country. The Judge Nap Animal Mill™ sells dogs and cats and, yes, even rabbits. However, much closer to the Judge’s heart are the wolves and hyenas he loves to breed. If LA can close down his Animal Mills, then where next?
Like a lot of people who had power and hot and cold running water, Judge Nap joined the outrage against NYC Mayor Bloomberg after he endorsed President Obama.

Hating NYC Mayor Bloomberg became the GOP’s national sport as soon as he endorsed President Obama. The marathon merely gave those haters a focus for their hate. Don’t say that Judge Nap isn’t willing to jump on a bandwagon once it’s already going.
That’s not the question I want answered. I’d prefer to ask, “Are the Supremes Individual?” Not the Supreme Court, either! Diana Ross and The Supremes! I hear a symphony.
I’ve already written about this in my blog post “Bully Boy Bolling Believes Bullshit Baffles Brains.” What does this prove? Even Judge Nap likes a good fight and is willing to jump on  a bandwagon.
Judge Nap thinks nothing of passing along a thoroughly debunked piece of crap, long after it had already been debunked. That’s why Judge Nap fits in so well on Fox “News,” because it’s a network that doesn’t care about truth either.
Judge Nap jumped on the Libertarian bandwagon that argued the position that Free Markets should rule after a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy and that jacking up the cost is not really price gouging, it’s simply the laws of supply and demand coming in to play.
It didn’t take long before Fox “News” figured out a way to blame Democrats for the aftermath of a once-in-a-lifetime natural disaster.
After an unprecedented hurricane, people became angry that it was taking as long as it was to repair a massively broken infrastructure. Judge Nap was happy to jump on that bandwagon and fan the flames of anger and resentment. That’s why Judge Nap would leave it to the private sector.
TRANSLATION: “Then we’ll just have to find something else to blame NYC Mayor Bloomberg for . . .
“. . . FOUND IT!!! Proven to be a quote taken out of context and not true at all? Too late!!!”

Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!! We are just moments away from total anarchy.

Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!! We are just moments away from total anarchy.
Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!! We are just moments away from total anarchy.

Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!! We are just moments away from total anarchy.
It really doesn’t seem as if Judge Nap is terribly optimistic about the human race.

That’s how a Republic works. Get over it.
Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!! We are just moments away from total anarchy.

Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!!! We are just moments away from Kid Rock being right about something.

Several Republicans are arriving in Washington to pick up Ron Paul’s Losing Banner. Hooray!!!

This will be a battle between State Rights and Fed Rights. Pass the popcorn. And the Cheetos. Did you bring the M&Ms?

Right after the election, Republicans started to play The Blame Game to avoid the Pink Elephant in the room. This is what DeMint should have said: “If Republicans don’t understand the important aspects of what THE AMERICAN PUBLIC is saying, we won’t be able to exist as a party, certainly not a majority party.”

Why doesn’t Judge Nap believe that Mendacious Mitt wouldn’t also crush personal freedoms? Because, silly, those are personal freedoms that Judge Nap doesn’t believe that those with a uterus deserve.
Yes, they are. Next question.
Here is Judge Nap fanning the flames of anger and resentment some more. The election’s over, but The Judge is prepared to start fighting it again RIGHT NOW!

There’s a lot of silly Monday Morning Quarterbacking going on following the election, but the Libertarian position seems the silliest. One could make the argument that Ron Paul supporters threw the GOP under the bus.

More Monday Morning Quarterbacking merely to fan the flames of anger and resentment. Heya, Judge Nap! Over here! When does the GOP or Libertarian Party say, “Even with the lies we made up against President Obama — even with the hundreds of millions of dollars we spent propagandizing those lies — the people still preferred the President’s message. Imagine how much of a drubbing we would have taken had if Mendacious Mitt actually told the truth — about anything at all.”

Empty slogans cannot make man richer, but it can make him poorer.
Far gone, man.
What was Judge Nap saying when Dubya was talking about Regime Change in Iraq?

“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”
“QUICK! How can we blame this on President Obama?”
Don’t Libertarians just say the darndest things?

Judge Nap sided with the GOP before the election and sided with the GOP after the election. He’s a LINO: Libertarian In Name Only. However, far worse is his lack of self-awareness. There’s no shame. No stock-taking. No introspection. No mea culpa. There will be no apology tours. None of that hand-wringing, self-analysis for Judge Nap. It’s all the Progressive’s fault, all of the time.

Judge Not, lest you be judged. Which, using my convoluted logic, is why Westerfield Data Room called this series Judge Not. And, if any further proof was needed, here’s a song followed by some classic British comedy. Judge Not, ‘Merka.

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