Judge Not 5 ► The Book Promotion Edition
Judge Nap 4 prominently featured ‘above the fold’
on the “Lost Liberty & Freedom Today” e-zine

I am both amazed and gratified at how quickly the Judge Not series is growing in popularity. I picked up a number of new visitors this week in particular, after Judge Not 4 was featured on “Lost Liberty & Freedom Today,” an e-zine that seems to exist only to lionize Judge Andrew Napolitano. I couldn’t be more proud. 

However, ironically, as this series grows in popularity, Judge Nap has really slacked off sending out those witty bon mots that set up the comedy gold of my series. This week I only found 34 meager set-ups for my HIGH-LARRY-US punchlines. Maybe it’s because he’s too busy promoting his new book this week. Or, maybe he’s still licking his wounds that the Libertarian did not win the Oval Office. Or, maybe he’s just gotten lazy.

Heya, Judge Nap: I spun off this entire series just for you. Don’t make me sorry I did so.

Who indeed?

Is Fundamental Christianity the modern day Berlin Air Lift?

It’s all about the balance sheet, right Judge? Did you remember to factor in the 32 people killed, and the 480 people made seriously ill, from meningitis due to a lack of regulations in Massachusetts that govern compounding pharmacies???
When having a mistress is outlawed, only outlaws will have a mistress.

A phony headline, from a Conspiracy-A-Day web site, and Judge Nap thinks it’s worth making a fuss, despite knowing it’s a lie. There have been NO STATES that have petitioned the White House. Anyone can post a petition at the White House web site and several idiotic sore losers have submitted secessionist petitions. There had even been one petition that Grover Norquist be punched in the balls, but the White House actually had the nerve to deleted that petition.

Because he thought he was going to win by a landslide. Karl Rove and Dick Morris told him so.

They weren’t. However, Judge Nap wants you to be afraid of Big Brother. I wonder what he’s got to worry about.

Judge Nap wants you to be afraid of Big Brother.

He quit, he wasn’t fired. He still has a Constitutional Right to cheat on his wife.

“Ayn” Rand Paul doesn’t have to run for election until 2016. If he’s reelected then, one MIGHT call it an evolution. Hell, one might even call it a REVOLUTION. Until then I will develop a “wait and see” attitude.

Would you be surprised to learn it’s the two presidents he wrote about in his latest book that he’s promoting this week?

This is the Fox “News” slogan and what Judge “Andy” counts on.

Which only proves there are so many sore losers in the Right Wing of this country.

Now Fox “News” is going to have to invent new lies because General Petraeus will testify truthfully, destroying all the speculative fiction the station has been building up until now.

Wait!!! What???

What about your Fox “News” Conspiracy Theory that Petraeus is being silenced? 60 seconds is not nearly enough to do that Conspiracy Theory justice, Judge Andy.

Wait! Didn’t you post the same picture last week?

Buh bye!!!

I don’t believe you. I’m gonna Google it.

Is Judge Andy playing a game of “Pop Cultural Reference” with the Chicago Mayor and former Obama Chief of Staff?

C’mon, Ron Paul. Don’t be defeatist. Where’s that ‘Merkin ‘Ceptionalism I’ve heard so much about?

He wasn’t silenced. He resigned, Judge.

♪ ♫ ♪ If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Here’s to you my CEE EYE EH!!! ♫ ♪ ♫

A Single Payer System, or Universal Health Care, solves every problem you can name with Obamacare. However, it’s a Socialist/Communist/Fascist system, so forget it!!!

And, when States start to secede, there is no Federal Government to nullify.

When one has a book to promote, they’ll appear anywhere. Here Judge Nap appears with a fake news host that delights in trashing the so-called “news” station he works for on an almost daily basis.

And promotes his book.

And promotes his book.

Are you kidding me, Judge Nap??? You work for Fox “News,” fer fuck’s sake!!!

Thomas Jefferson also said, “Honesty is the first chapter of the book wisdom.” That’s why Fox “News” and Judge Nap will not even be footnotes in the Book of Wisdom.

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