Judge Not 9 ► The Post Gun Edition
Unretouched pic of Judge Andy, from
my tee vee, showing his gigantic brain.

As the week began Judge “Andy” Napolitano, the Fox “News” Senior Judicial Analyst, must have still been stewing over Bob Costas’ gun comments from last week, just like the rest of the Fox “News” personalities. 

One of my life’s amusements, such as it is, is watching how quickly Fox “News” jumps to attacking the messenger, without noting the delicious irony that it too is a messenger, although thoroughly discredited messenger after the recent election. Jon Stewart noted other ironies about how Fox “News” doesn’t cover gun violence.

This week’s edition of Judge Not will continue after these Daily Show videos:

Take it away, Judge Nap:

When drunken football players are outlawed, only outlaws will be Right to Work Cowboys . . . or something.
You’re paid to give us your thoughts, Judge. What do YOU think of this, Judge Andy? BTW: What’s YOUR take on the Newtown Massacre?

I understand why you are promoting your book, Judge Nap, but why do you call it a book bomb? Is that merely wish fulfillment?

When unions are outlawed, only outlaws will join unions . . . or something.

When drunk driving is outlawed, only outlaws will . . . Wait!!! What??? It already is??? Never mind.

And yet, George Will is a corrupt knave, also known as a Conservative Hack.

One thing at a time, Judge Andy. After the “for profit” health industry is destroyed, the Socialists will dismantle the “for profit” education system. However, for now, Libertarians should be grateful that the prison systems are still being privatized.

Well, Duh!

Why do you like to pass along already debunked statistics, Judge Nap? By the time you get around to sharing with your brain-dead followers, most of what you push on them has already been proven false.

This is just more “Hate the unions” rhetoric, a regularly occurring Fox “News” meme.

Look out below!!! The book is bombing!!!

This is just more “Hate the unions” rhetoric.

This is just more “Hate the unions” rhetoric.

This is just more “Hate the unions” rhetoric.

You’re going to turn this into a moral issue? Hoo boy!!!

HAW!!! HAW!!! HAW!!! HAW!!!

Whose behavior is committed to destroying the Constitution, Judge Andy?

Whose behavior is committed to destroying the Constitution, Judge Andy? The House?

Wall Street has always been more important than Main Street, Judge. So what if HSBC only got a slap on the wrist?

LOOK OUT BELOW!!! BOOK BOMB!!! Send the Feds a message. LOOK OUT BELOW!!! BOOK BOMB!!!

Reason allowed Judge Andy to BOOK BOMB them with an interview about his book. LOOK OUT BELOW!!!

All of Fox “News” celebrated when Ambassador Susan Rice’s head was finally on the platter.

It came as highly amusing news that Judge Nap, who claims to be a Libertarian, is not JUST religious, and not JUST a Roman
Catholic, but he actually admits that he preferred the Church prior to all the inclusive reforms known
as Vatican II. That means Judge Andy identifies with the ’50s and early ’60s. He’d even rather have the Mass in Latin. Ipso facto: Judge Nap embraces his cognitive dissonance. It also explains his Constitution fetish. It’s why he won’t accept the Constitution as a living document. He is an “originalist” who believes the Constitution was divinely inspired by the pre-Vatican II God.

A truly rational Libertarianism seems totally incompatible with religion. Which is probably why there are so many essays by so many people who are trying to justify being religious Libertarians. More cognitive dissonance.

This would be a good time to remind Judge Andy he works for a company that used the same tactics to spy on private citizens that he’s now decrying. That feels so hypocritical.

This slap on the wrist — which admittedly is a record fine, but still a drop in the bucket for HSBC — was merely a money grab? Who knew? Thanks for clearing that up, Judge Nap.

Dear Readers: Occasionally Judge Andy passes along a real story from a CREDIBLE source that is actually worth reading. This WIRED story concerns a court case in which ‘Merkin spy agencies might claim National Security to prevent state secrets from being blurted out in open court.

NB: These Judge Not columns are compiled in chronological order on Saturday morning. Between the screen capture above (from Thursday) and the two below (from Friday morning), Adam Lanza murdered 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, Connecticut. The news slowly trickled out, as did Judge Andy’s last two updates of the week. Judge Nap may simply not have heard the tragic news yet.

HAW!!! HAW!!! HAW!!! HAW!!!

Heya, Judge? This is something you should share with all the other Fox “News” personalities who seem to believe that TORTURE IS TERRIFIC. [I get the bumper sticker royalties.] Why just this past week your colleague Greg Gutfeld seemed to sum up the Fox “News” attitude when he blurted out, “Like I Always Say — Waterboarding? More Like Awesomeboarding.”

It’s worth noting that after those last 2 screen caps from early Friday morning, there was nothing else from Judge Nap after the magnitude of the horror in Newtown, Connecticut, became known.

Judge Andy went into Radio Silence.

It will be interesting to see what his first words next week will be and whether the 2nd Amendment will come up in next week’s exciting edition of Judge Not. Stay tuned.

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