Loofah Lad’s Attack Dog Jesse Watters Attacks LGBT Folk
The advantage of still photography is you can’t hear his whining.

When Bill O’Reilly wants to annoy someone, he sends ambush producer Jesse Watters — whose IMDB and Wiki bios are scanty at best — to harass them with a camera and microphone. When Bill O’Reilly wants to annoy all of ‘Merka, he airs another segment of Watters’ World, the semi-regular Laugh Riot Video Package™ tricked up by Loofah Lad’s One Man Flying Monkey Squad™. 

Jesse Watters‘ segments are based on the oldest trick in the tee vee book — and I do mean old, and I do mean trick: Get people to make remarks on camera. During the editing process, just show the idiotic responces, with all intelligent comments left on the cutting room floor. Voila!!! Instant comedy. It never fails.

That’s why you’ve seen this style of segment repeated ad nauseum on comedy shows since time immemorial — not just the comedy shows on Fox “News.” Jay Leno has his Jaywalking videos and Jimmy Kimmel has his own HIGH-LARRY-US schtick where he interviews people on how much they enjoyed political events that have yet to happen. Hilarity ensues.

It’s a talk show staple that goes all the way back to the original Steve Allen Tonight show. However, Steve Allen had as much talent as Jesse Watters doesn’t. Steverino would stick a camera out on the street and simply riff on the people that walked past. Or, he’d stop some people and interview them for his Comedy Gold™. It was all done live in those days and the comedy had to come from the host, who had to be quick on his feet. The comedy wasn’t created in the editing room.

Let’s face facts. The truth of the matter is, when you interview any cross-section of the populace, you’re going to get some pretty stupid answers because the populace can be pretty stupid. Just look at how many people believe in ghosts, or UFOs, or Fox “News.”

There’s very little that differentiates one of Jesse Watters ambush interviews from his Watters’ World monstrosities. Both are designed from the bottom up to make fun of and humiliate people. What’s more: all the magic is done in the editing room. Where Watters’ World is pure genius (and by this I mean how he’s simply plagiarized what others have done before him, adding no redeeming quality whatsoever) is the intercutting of movie clips so that it appears that Hollywood actors are reacting to his Watters’ World interviews. Yawn.

Which brings us to Jesse Watters latest work of art, and by “art” I mean his total douchebaggery. Jesse Watters took his cameras and sound man to the Mermaid Parade, to make fun of a wide cross-section of LGBT people. I won’t even bother to summarize it. The segment simply needs to be seen to understand where The Falafel King and Jesse Watters are coming from.

Watters, Watters everywhere, but not a drop to think.

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  1. I keep thinking that Watters is someday going to get what's coming to him. I only hope I'm there when it happens.

  2. It's called comedy for a reason. Of course, you and your ilk lack a sense of humor.

  3. Ha! You obviously have no idea what the word comedy means. Come back when you actually know what you're talking about.

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