Marc D. Sarnoff: Trolleygate Hypocrite Takes A Bridge Too Far

I couldn’t help but laugh at a recent quote from Emperor Marc D. Sarnoff, Commissioner of Miami’s District 2. 

Marc (along with Mayor Tomas Regalado) is suing the Florida Department of Transportation over a “signature” bridge that the city thought it was getting before FDOT changed the design. Sarnoff thinks FDOT participated in a classic “bait and switch” getting approval for the “signature” bridge before switching to more mundane and cheaper design.

“The people of Miami were promised a signature bridge, along the lines of those found in other major cities including Boston and Tampa. Miami taxpayers pour millions into state coffers and it’s time that the politicians and bureaucrats in Tallahassee stop spending our tax dollars in other parts of the state and instead make good on their promises to build our signature bridge,” said Commissioner Sarnoff, whose district encompasses Downtown Miami.

The polluting diesel bus garage being built to please Marc
D. Sarnoff’s newest developer friend: Astor Development.

If anyone knows anything about “bait and switch” it’s Emperor Sarnoff, who went on to say, “They are actually lying to organizations that may not know better.” Kind of the same way that Marc D. Sarnoff lied to his constituents, hoping they wouldn’t know better?

The constituents of District 2 were BAITED with the PROMISE that Marc D. Sarnoff would be THEIR Commissioner, which is why they voted him back into office. They didn’t realize that, once in office, he would SWITCH his allegiance and become the Commissioner for a Coral Gables Developer instead. However, that’s what he did when he worked behind the scenes to help Astor Development sneak a polluting diesel bus garage into the residential community of West Grove in the middle of the night.

Meet the Hypocritical Commissioner of Bait and Switch: Marc D. Sarnoff.

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