The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

Johnny Dollar/Mark Koldys – Scumbag – Supreme Hypocrite

National Trufax has been scouring the internets for the best in Mark Koldys sheer-buffoonery.  Snagged a good one today.  Johnny Dollar tweeted out the following criticism of Martin Bashir.

That’s the very same argument he used when he cyber-raped me by publishing details of my sex life on his blog.  I was asking for it.  Ain’t that rich?  Here’s what he said after he edited out the portion about my sex life, even as he defends doing it:

He realized he went too far, even if he could justify doing it legally.  Had those comments remained, he knew he never would have survived the shit storm. So he edited them into oblivion, but I have screen captures which will be shown in the proper forum,unless he makes good on his threat in the above.

For those who have NOT been following this saga, a quick recap: Because I wrote for NewsHounds, Johnny Dollar published a lie-filled smear about me that was made bullet proof with question marks (Cavuto Marks) by ex-lawyer Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar.  Here’s how Cavuto Marks work: Why is Mark Koldys a former lawyer?  Were there investigations leading up to that?  Were all his clients files protected?  Has anyone filed protective orders against him?  And, most important of all: Did all his clients die of natural causes?

My sex life was revealed online because I wrote for NewsHounds and NewsHounds must be destroyed.  So Johnny Dollar had my nom de plume investigated by GrayHammy, who did all the legwork and the writing.  But make no mistake: This had to be a Mark Koldys/Johnny Dollar production, otherwise why would he post it, edit it, and continue to defend it to this day? He can’t distance himself from it in any way now. 
Here’s the topic of discussion for the comment thread: Is Mark Koldys the sleaziest ex-lawyer in Michigan or is he, like “some people say,” the sleaziest lawyer in the world?  Discuss.

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15 thoughts on “The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

    1. Blackdungfungus, don't you have some playgrounds to troll, don't you have a Klan meeting, or don't you have a head to flush down the toilet…

  1. My reply to Mark, aka, Blackflon, aka Mark Barnard:

    Are you saying that Mark Koldys/Johnny Dollar just revealed my sex life for the sport of it? Or was in done to try and harm NewsHounds? Careful, it's a trick question and you are on the record.

    You are just revealing your stupidity. Stop already.

  2. You would have to ask J$ why he wrote what he wrote.

    I was just wondering how it could possibly harm News Hounds.

    1. I have. And when I did you chose to defend it over at the J$ shithole. Therefore, you opened the door, counselor. Answer the question, or run home. Guess what? I'm sending you to Koldys Island. If you don't answer, you stay there.

      Could I have the question read back?

      "Are you saying that Mark Koldys/Johnny Dollar just revealed my sex life for the sport of it? Or was in done to try and harm NewsHounds?"

  3. I'd just like to introduce myself.
    I'm Dave and I live in Vermont,
    Headley is an inspirational writer.

    I look forward to seeing friends and douchebags posting here.

  4. I approved 3 comments by Bob Peters and then I deleted them. In the interest of some transparency I will explain why.

    When they came in to be approved, for each of the 3, I didn't see how long each were. The box only showed 2 paragraphs and there was no scroll bar. I was surprised at how long each were when I next took a glance. [I wonder if this was a glitch due to their size.]

    You allowed as to how I could edit portions. If that option exists on this blogging software, I haven't found it yet. My choice seems to be binary. Finally I read all 3 very long comments carefully & I decided that it's my blog and I didn't want them here. It's pretty much that simple.

    I did not start this blog to criticize NewsHounds and I won't let my commenters do so either. There appear to be plenty of places for that on the innertubes and you have your own blog. You may be surprised to learn (or not believe) that not only had I not visited it before, I had to ask people tonight how Bob Peters fits into this crazy puzzle in which I became the ultimate victim. Mostly I got: It's a long story.

    That's the story I want to tell. I am ——>THIS CLOSE<——- to a book deal, I think, I hope, that explores this whole story. It's got everything, including a villain.

    However, I didn't create this blog for that. If you want to share your side, I'm conducting email interviews in what I am tentatively calling The Johnny Dollar Wars.

    On the other hand, if you want to talk about what a scumbag Johnny Dollar / Mark Koldys is, this is the blog for you. I've found screen grabs seem to work best for that.

    I'll be exploring other topics as I go on. Feel free to comment. Just don't write any more books.

  5. I just deleted another of Bob Peters' comments. I don't want to leave the impression that it was vulgar or rude. It was not. In fact, it was rather polite. However, he doesn't seem to understand: I did not start this blog to re-litigate history. That's water under the bridge. I will not sully this blog with it.

    As I told you before, Bob: I am conducting email interviews with those involved in "The Johnny Dollar Wars" to talk about THEIR participation and how they see the participation of others. If you would like to be involved in this project, please let me know.

    Otherwise, stick to the topic, which is "Johnny Dollar/Mark Koldys – Scumbag – Supreme Hypocrite." Discuss!

    1. So far, I have yet to see anything but politeness on his part, along with a weird insistence to dictate what topics my blog should cover and a whole raft of false equivalencies which, if we started down that path, would always end with a total justification for Mark Koldys/Johnny Dollar having outed my sex life.

      Nothing justifies it. And here's why: I never participated in The Johnny Dollar Wars. I never used any sockpuppets. For 7 years I used "Aunty Em Ericann" and nothing else (losing friends in the process, who are starting to rediscover me). No one can find me doing any of the things that both sides in this little Jr. High School Flame War are accusing each other of doing. Not under this name. Not under Aunty Em. And not under any other identity.

      However, Johnny Dollar/Mark Koldys lost his perspective like a whiny, little Jr. High School teenage girl. First he set his crazy cult of cyber-bullies on me on Twitter, and when I was the only NewsHound who didn't block their unmitigated crazy, decided he was going to publish details about my sex life in order to take down NewsHounds for grievances from years ago.

      As a lawyer he knew how FAR he could go legally. As a subhuman he never understood why he shouldn't have had.

      [A lawyer who contacted me believes J$ still broke the law. We'll see.]

      I'm beginning to get the outside contours of what what led to my outing. Now I am trying to find out who was using what sockpuppets when. That's a much harder job.

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