Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

Just getting around to this one from yesterday.  Here’s Johnny Dollar either being as dumb as a stump or being disingenuous:

Clearly someone at Fox News thought it was a bigger deal than J$ because they pushed Steve Doocy out in front of the camera to make a rare apology:

Having some fun now!!!

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6 thoughts on “Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

  1. Doocy really didn't clear anything up.

    It seems like Mark was trying to change the subject, or something. Go figure.

    Jon Stewart nailed it pretty good. (about Doocy, not Koldys)

  2. If you read a posting at the Dump today you will read that Megan Kelly zinged Jon Stewart, saying that he needs to go back to comic school. I guess working at Fox makes her think she is a comedian. Then again that network is more comedy than news..

  3. Did I ever tell you about the period of time I was a "joke plugger," an itinerant salesman of one-liners written on 3×5 index cards who haunted comedy clubs in Toronto? I have studied comedy and, trust me, Jon Stewart is funnier than Megyn Kelly and Mark Koldys put together.

  4. Has he published anything about Rupert Murdoch isn't a fit and proper person to run a media empire yet?

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