Brian Jones ► A Musical Appreciation

Let’s face facts: The Rolling Stones was his band. After hanging around London in the early ’60s with musicians like Alexis Korner, Jack Bruce, and Paul Jones, Brian Jones decided to start his own band. He placed an advert in “Jazz News” looking for other musicians who could play the music of his ‘Merkin Blues heroes. First Ian Stuart, then Mick Jagger joined. Jagger brought along Keith Richards and the core of the group was established. Brian Jones named the group after a Muddy Water’s song “Rollin’ Stones Blues” and the rest is history and millions of records sold.

It’s been 43 years, but we still miss him. Stone aficionados TO THIS DAY still argue whether the group was better before or after Brian Jones was fired.

Rest in peace, Brian.

Here is a Brian Jones Jukebox to honour the young boy who so thought ‘Merkin Blues the greatest thing in the world that he created his own band to play it. The little Blues band he built to play the music in his head became the greatest Rock and Roll group in the world: The Rolling Stones. Now, that’s a legacy!!!

As always, CRANK IT UP!!!

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