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There is no denying that Paul McCartney has written a wealth of music that will stand the test of time. As we listen to Beethoven and Bach long after their lifetimes, we will be listening to the music of Paul McCartney.

Here’s a small Paul McCartney Jukebox:

As always: CRANK IT UP!!!

Uncle Russ Gibb

And, just because it pisses Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar off, I am going to link to other versions of this story again.

Uncle Russ Gibb

Here’s what I find funny: I have made no claims, yet Johnny Dollar has gone out of his way to refute them.

J$ asked one person one question (or had a confederate ask one
question) and then spun out an entire new conspiracy theory. While, that’s
hardly journalism, it’s par for the course for Markie K and the Sycophant Five.

I only ever told this to ONE journalist. The resultant article that came
out was so garbled, I never told it again “on the record.” Therefore, every other
version I have read is second hand, or a re-writing of the
original post. Each has managed to garble the story further.
However, and I stress, only one person ever bothered to ask me any questions and I answered them all honestly.

However, I am most grateful that Markie K and the Sycophant Five, along with their patron Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar are such loyal followers of my Aunty Em Ericann Blog.

What’s left of The Grande Ballroom; Picture by author 2010
The Grande Ballroom on opening night of a whole new era.

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