Musical Interlude ► Papa John Creach
Dateline May 28, 1917 – Papa John Creach, violinist, was born on this day and would have turned 95, had he not had the misfortune of dying in 1994. Creach was in Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane, and Jefferson Starship, but had been playing clubs since the mid-’30s, much older than the musicians he would eventually play with.
Here’s a Papa John jukebox:
Aunty Em!!! Aunty Em!!!

I’m going to sting you, Bumble Bee.

Some HOT HOT HOT Hot Tuna, from the movie “Fillmore: The Last Days:”

For those so inclined, here’s a Hot Tuna concert from 1968 that lasts an hour and 20 minutes:

Papa John was also in Dinosaurs with Merl Saunders, Peter Albin, and Vince Littleton:

Another tasty rendition of a classic:

And here he is adding to the psychedelia with Jefferson Airplane:

Today’s blog post is dedicated to Vermont Dave, who does odd jobs around here and is a big Hot Tuna fan. Thanks Dave.

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