On The Thread Where He Cyber-Raped Me, Johnny Dollar Edited Away My Mild Sarcasm

Last one for tonight, folks, I have a book review I’m writing.

Nothing proves better proves what a fucking little hypocrite worm of an indecent human being Johnny Dollar is than his edit of my comments on his blog.  On the thread where he cyber-raped me, and then threatened to do it again, he edited away some of my mild sarcasm of himself and his little cult of personality.



It is sad that a CABLE NEWS TRUTHER feels the need to pull such stunts.  Anyone who would cyber-rape another human over a vendetta with NewsHounds is capable of anything.  That’s why I keep saying that Johnny Dollar is a dangerous man.  His actions, and continued actions, are beyond the pale.  As an ex-lawyer he has learned how to twist the truth and as a Fox “News” Defender he has learned the politics of personal destruction.  If he says anything about this at all, he’ll insist I broke his rules.  The next step is to put people on Johnny Dollar Island when one refuses to answer a gotcha question.  I’ve been predicting all his actions all along the way.

Coward. Worm. Shyster Lawyer. Duplicitous blogger and Fox :News” defender.  There’s your Johnny Dollar/Mark Koldys, folks.

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15 thoughts on “On The Thread Where He Cyber-Raped Me, Johnny Dollar Edited Away My Mild Sarcasm

  1. Oh, he'll say it was "name-calling". Pretty ironic from a guy who allows his commenter Blackflon to call Ellen "Boobs Brodsky" over and over which, aside from being really juvenile, is deliberately sexist.

    Mark Koldys, just to restate the obvious, is a hypocrite.

    Alex (too lazy to sign in)

    1. How much time and effort did Grayhammy waste on his, hmmmmm? Not only did he have to dig up all that info, he had to expend considerable time and energy erasing as many of his internet tracks as possible at the same time.

      Just as an aside – he did slip up here and there 😀

      Funny he says I tweeted his name in December. If I knew his name for sure I wouldn't have had to expend MY time and energy finding out who he is as a matter of self-protection. As a matter of fact, I'd like him to show me a screen grab of said tweet and save me that last step in verifying his identity.

      Unless he means the tweet where I called him a Mark Koldys sockpuppet.

  2. Welcome, Blackflon. Thank you for reading Headly Westerfield's "Aunty Em Ericann" Blog.

    A two part answer to your question:

    1). The vendetta was what was perpetrated upon me when Johnny Dollar decided to post GrayHammy's evil screed that exposed my sex life;

    2). Having a hobby is never a waste of time and oxygen.

    Please assure your dear friends Mark Koldys and Evil Ashley that I will be as fair to them as they were with me. The fun's just begun.

    1. Surely you mean nightmare.

      You are turning out to be my most faithful reader and commenter. [These stat things are great!]

      Now run back to the sewer and tell them all the mean things we said about them. And do come back when you have some free time.

  3. Isn't a flon a rag used to soak up spilled beer in English pubs? Funky after a day of sitting in whatever corner it was thrown after an evening of wiping spillage, it is used as a missile in the medieval English game of flon dwiling, in which said rag is mounted on a pole and hurled at unsuspecting passersby. A Black Flon is an especially unpleasant specimen of said rag, at least a week old and encrusted with accretions of black fungal growth.

    There's also this: http://www.flon.org/ wherein adults get to work with teenagers.

    Just my two cents worth. Carry on.

  4. "There's also this: http://www.flon.org/ wherein adults get to work with teenagers."

    How odd and ironic. Pedophiles also like to work with teenagers. While I never called Blackflon a pedophile, one of the justifications that Mark Koldys/Johnny Dollar used for exposing my sex life was that some people somewhere called Blackflon a pedophile. I will accept that as the truth because, as we all know, ex-lawyer Mark Koldys would never lie. So, I guess I deserved what I got.

    Here at Headly Westerfield's "Aunty Em Ericann" blog we don't call anyone pedophiles, unless we can prove it.

    1. Oh, I would never call Blackflon a pedophile. I was just wondering if he might be a volunteer at this organization since it's the only "flon' I can find on the innertoobz.
      I guess I should be more careful in case Mark Koldys uses my posting of that link as an excuse to send Grayhammy peeping through your windows next.

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