Reply From the Miami Public Records Office and My Response

I have received a reply to Yet Another Open Email to Miami’s Public Records Department of  yesterday. Here it is followed by my latest:

Good morning Mr. Westerfield,

The Public Records Division is in the process of reviewing the emails so that we may produce it to you. Throughout the process 148 PST file folders were retrieved based on the search criteria you have selected. Each folder contains approximately at a minimum 850 emails each. While reviewing the folders some were not within the search criteria you have initially selected. We are working with our IT Department to ensure that we are in full compliance with your request. As soon as we have an update we will inform you.

Please feel free to contact us if you should have any further questions.

Thank you,
Isiaa Jones

Dear Ms Jones:

No. This reply is not good enough.

I demand to know why you broke the promise you made to my face on October 12th that you would email the next day with a guesstimate on when this Public Records Request would be fulfilled.

What’s more this reply STILL does not answer that basic question: WHEN WILL I GET THE FILES I PAID FOR?

It’s this simple: You broke your promise to me. I only received this reply after I started kicking.

You may recall something else I said in our face-to-face meeting (because I certainly do). I apologized that my emails came off as edgy, but that every verbal promise made to me by someone in the City of Miami government has been broken, which is why I like to get it all down in writing. You said you understood and you didn’t take it personally.

You should now take it personally because you failed at the most basic part of your job: Keeping your promises. See? I should have gotten it in writing.

Dazzling me with numbers doesn’t take the place of fulfilling my Public Records Request, nor does it answer the basic question: WHEN WILL I GET THE FILES I PAID FOR?

Contact you if I have further questions??? You’ve yet to answer the one question I asked on October 12th.

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