Rupert Murdoch Probed At Leveson Inquiry

There were some real knee-slappers from Rupert Murdoch in the continuing reality show called the Leveson Inquiries, known colloquially as Hackergate and Murdochgate.  Rupie actually said with a straight face, that he tried “very hard to set an example of ethical behavior…” and “I’ve never asked a prime minister for anything.” Al Capone never asked for anything either.

Also, according to the LATimes: He also denied trying to advance his commercial interests through his
newspapers, which in Britain include the Times of London and the
bestselling Sun tabloid.  
If not, then he’s an idiot.  If he expects anyone to believe that, he’s an even bigger idiot.

The Daily Beast well understood this was a sit down, stand up comedy routine: 

“I think we’re the only independent newspaper in the business,” he said at one point of the Sun, drawing another small round of laughter from the crowd, though this time it was clear that Murdoch wasn’t joking.

 Pass the popcorn.

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  1. Rupert isn't going to care unless he is hauled into court on criminal charges or they start going after his assets. He reminds me of my cat.

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