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Logo used with permission, unlike the WebVee Guide fiasco

The Not Now Silly Newsroom is all a’buzz and it’s been one big Bacchanalia all weekend. “Whyzzat?” you ask. Because our Head Writer, Headly Westerfield, has begun a brand new weekly Snark-0-Thon on the Fox “News” Channel for PoliticusUSA. Friday Fox Follies will appear each … err … Friday. This week he is getting started by Introducing The Friday Fox Follies.

Westerfield has free-lanced before and will, no doubt, continue to do so. This isn’t even the first time that he’s been published in the pages of PoliticusUSA:

Clearly Westerfield writes about what he knows. Tune into PoliticusUSA each Friday as he brings you the latest tomfoolery and shenanigans from the Fox “News” Channel.

However, don’t worry, dear readers. You will still be able to get your Daily Adult Requirement of Fox “News” Snark both here and at The Johnny Dollar Depreciation Society over at the facebookery.

About Headly Westerfield

Calling himself “A liberally progressive, sarcastically cynical, iconoclastic polymath,” Headly Westerfield has been a professional writer all his adult life.

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